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UK terror police arrest two men after Texas synagogue siege

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UK terror police arrest two men from Birmingham and Manchester after British terrorist, 44, was shot dead in Texas synagogue siegeSiege at Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville ended in gunfire All four ...

British terrorist ranted on phone to family during Texas hostage plot

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EKSKLUSIEF: British terrorist Malik Faisal Akram warned 'I have hundreds of bullets' in series of phone calls to his family in the UK as he threatened hostages in Texas synagogue, his father revealsMalik Faisal Akram,...

Texas rabbi: active shooter training saved my life and my followers

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Texas rabbi says he is 'alive today' thanks to police training that helped him act when terrorist became 'belligerent': Tells Jewish groups across US to participate in active-shooter coursesCharlie Cytron-Walker and ...

Texas synagogue ‘terroristhad ‘British accent

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Texas synagogue 'terrorist' had 'British accent': US officials liaising with Met Police over gun-toting man who held four captive in temple - as video shows moment two hostages ESCAPE before SWAT teams storm inside t...

‘Lady Al Qaeda,’ the woman Texas synagogue hostage-taker wants freed

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'Lady Al Qaeda' the woman Texas synagogue hostage-taker wanted freed: She planned chemical attacks on Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge and demanded juror at her trial be DNA tested to see if they were Jewish...

Texas officials negotiating with man reportedly holding hostages

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'If anyone tries to enter this building ... everyone will die': Officials negotiating with man holding hostages at Texas synagogueA Texas man is reportedly holding hostages in a synagogue and a SWAT team has been dep...

Texas mother charged after son found in the trunk of car

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Texas mother is charged after 14-year-old child is found in the trunk of her car at drive-thru COVID testing site: Claims the teen tested positive and needed to be quarantinedSarah Beam, 42, of Harris County, has bee...

Texas man, 48, who murdered his wife kills himself in Florida

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Texas man, 48, who murdered his wife and posted YouTube video saying he was 'sorry' kills himself in Florida after months on the runTrent Paschal, 48, shot himself as Marion County, Florida, Sheriff's deputies approa...

Texas professor claims Madden’s games created ‘digital plantation

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Woke professor claims hugely popular John Madden NFL computer games 'dehumanized black athletes' and served as 'digital plantation' in tweets sent on day iconic coach died aged 85Andrew McGregor, a history professor ...

Texas substitute teacher relieved of duty for singing Britney Spears

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He's toxic! Texas substitute teacher is 'relieved of duty' after turning up to high school with karaoke machine and lights before belting out Britney Spears' hit from his deskThe unidentified sub serenaded classroom ...

Ted Cruz het gesê Texas moet van die VSA skei, maak Joe Rogan President

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GEOPENBAAR: Ted Cruz het aan studente gesê dat Texas van die VSA moet skei en die weermag en NASA saam met hulle moet neem as die Demokrate 'die land vernietig deur die filibuster te beëindig, pak die hof en maak van DC 'n staat''As die ...

Texas woman arrested for pointing a gun at young trick-or-treater

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Texas vrou, 35, is arrested after pointing a loaded gun at a 7-year-old child trick-or-treating on HalloweenTexas woman Monica Ann Bradford, 35, was arrested and charged after she had allegedly pointed a gun at a tr...

Texas police SUED over ‘Trump Trainincident with Biden campaign bus

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'We're not going to escort a bus': Texas police department is SUED by Dems for violating Ku Klux Klan act by failing to escort Biden-Harris campaign bus that was 'threatened' by Trump supporters' cars 'and laughing a...

Beeldmateriaal onthul dat Texas se groot tuig in 'n motorhuis vasgejaag het

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Aaklige oomblik gesteelde 18-wielmotor gelaai met vurkhysers bots teen sleepwahuis terwyl hy deur polisie gejaag word en vrou vermoor, 50, wat binne geslaap het: Vermeende bestuurder was uit op parool en staan ​​nou tereg op aanklag van moord..

Billie Eilish takes aim at Texas abortion law at Austin City Limits

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Billie Eilish takes aim at new Texas abortion law during Austin City Limits Festival: 'My body, my f*****g choice!' Billie Eilish put on a high-energy performance at the Austin City Limits Festival on Saturday night,...

Protestors march through London against abortion ban in Texas

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Hundreds of protestors march through London in demonstration against abortion ban in TexasThousands of demonstrators marched through Trafalgar Square in London for Abortion Rights campaign rally March came after new ...

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