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Only two thirds plan to leave their children equal sums in their will

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'Where there's a will, there's a war': Only two thirds of Britons plan to share inheritance equally among their childrenSome 68% said they would give all their children an equal share of their wealth Another 16% gesê...

Booster vaccine doses reduce the risk of infection by two thirds

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Brits given Covid boosters are two-thirds less likely to catch virus than the double-vaccinated, mass surveillance study claimsResearchers sampled 100,000 people between October and November They boosters cut the ri...

More smart motorway glitches as TWO THIRDS of M62 signs are broken

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Smart motorway riddled with glitches: TWO THIRDS of M62 message signs are broken meaning drivers must stick to 60mph while two overhead gantries have not worked for a MONTHFailures were recorded between junctions 10 ...