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Melania struts through Christmas trees in the White House

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She's changed her tune! Melania struts through Christmas trees in the White House in a VERY festive top and heels after THAT secret 2018 recording saying 'who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff'First Lady Melania Tru...

Anchor chain slices through sunken cargo ship to reveal 4,200 Hyundai

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First glimpse inside a sunken cargo ship: 400ft anchor chain slices through the Golden Ray to reveal 4,200 Hyundai cars not seen since the vessel capsized last September off Brunswick, GeorgiaThe Golden Ray capsized ...

Angry taxi driver gets throttled through his own window

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Moment a taxi driver who refused to reverse to allow a Land Rover enough room to park is throttled through his own window by the driver's furious partnerStephen Russell posted dashcam footage after an altercation in ...

Dr Fauci apologises after accusing UK of rushing through vaccine

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Now US's top doctor Fauci says SORRY for accusing UK of 'rushing' Pfizer vaccine approval and says he has 'great confidence' in British regulators after they hit back at 'irresponsible' global criticismSenior EU and ...

Metaalversperrings deur die motor in ongeluk veroorsaak deur SMS-bestuurder

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Waarom jy nie moet SMS terwyl jy ry nie: Wagspoor spook die motor heeltemal nadat 'afgeleide' bestuurder beheer verloor - loop tog wonderbaarlik weg met net geringe beserings Onbenoemde bestuurder het met hul lewe ontsnap nadat hy dit ingeneem het.

Moment dog is sent somersaulting through the air

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Flipping hound! Moment dog is sent somersaulting through the air when he tries to leap over child's swingBuddha the Golden Retriever was playing fetch in a garden in Bluffs, Illinois The dog was filmed as he bounded...

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Heir wins marriage approval through Zoom

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SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Bradford heir wins approval of marriage... through Zoom His parents, the Earl and Countess of Bradford, brought him up on the family's 12,000-acre ancestral estate; hers endured life under Sovi...

Shoppers turn to beer and cigarettes to get through lockdown

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Shoppers turn to beer and cigarettes to get through lockdown: Tobacco sales soar as Britons also buy an extra £2.5billion of meat, lotte en vensterbokse om kos te kweek op 'n manier wat dalk nie sedert die Tweede Wêreldoorlog gesien is nie., spirits and beer (including Corona lager)An extra £791million was spent on lage...

Nuwe satelliet se kamera kan deur mure van geboue sien

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The spy satellite that can see INSIDE your apartment and take 'crystal clear' pictures even through cloudsCapella Space's Capella-2 satellite is capable of 50cm x 50cm resolution imaging with its Spotlight mode Thi...

Girlfriend faces life in jail after stabbing partner through heart

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Girlfriend, 18, faces life in jail after being convicted of fatally stabbing her 18-year-old partner through the heart in drunken row after they walked dogEllie Wain, 18, was found guilty of murder by jury at Coventr...

Grandson ‘sees ghostly imageof a man doing the dishes through window

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Grandson sees ghostly image of a man doing the dishes through the window of his dead grandfather's house - and no one was home at the timeHaunting image of figure in home of late grandfather was captured in Victoria ...

Escaped British prisoner caught trying to run through Channel Tunnel

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Escaped British prisoner, 31, is caught by FRENCH police after trying to run through the Channel TunnelThe 31-year-old was seen going into the tunnel in Folkestone, Kent, a week ago Man, who has not been formally ide...

Man who ran through Channel Tunnel dodged 400 cameras to get to France

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Mystery man who ran through the 31-mile Channel Tunnel made it to France after jumping four fences and dodging 400-camera strong security networkThe 31-year-old was seen going into the tunnel in Folkestone, Kent, a w...

Danny Masterson stalking cases to go through Scientology mediation

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Judge rules that Church of Scientology must deal with lawsuit accusing Danny Masterson of stalking and intimidating his rape accusers and not the courts because they signed up for 'religious arbitration' when they we...

Moment a MOUSE scurries through Costa in deserted Heathrow

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CheesyJet! Moment a MOUSE scurries through Costa in deserted Heathrow arrivals lounge on Christmas DayThe mouse emerged from underneath chairs at Costa Coffee, Heathrow Airport Rodent scampers across the floor of the...

How COVID-19 has ripped through businesses in LA County

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New stats reveal the businesses hardest hit by COVID in LA County: 402 FedEx workers, 253 Costco staff and 210 Amazon employees have tested positive in the district where a new case is recorded every SIX SECONDSA sho...

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