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Are all these people proof the secret of success is childhood tragedy?

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Are all these people proof the secret of success is childhood tragedy? That's the thesis of a fascinating new book that shows how so many presidents, PMs, sports stars and billionaires share one surprising thing in c...

Fresh tragedy for Dave Grohl

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Fresh tragedy for Dave Grohl: Foo Fighters founder grieves drummer Taylor Hawkins 28 years after Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain killed himselfFoo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, 50, was found dead in Bogota, Colombia ...

Australian police name five children killed in bouncy castle tragedy

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Five children killed in Australian bouncy castle tragedy are named as 'heartbroken' father pays tribute to his 'baby boy', sê: 'Dad loves you so much... till I see you again in heaven'Police have identified five ...

Devonport springkasteel tragedie dodetal tref vier

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Die dodetal van die springkasteel tref VIER met nog vier kinders wat veg om die lewe ná die tragedie van die laerskoolgraduering - as ontstellende foto's wys hoe ontstelde polisielede mekaar op die toneel troos..

Travis Scott van Coachella verwyder 2022 na aanleiding van Astroworld-tragedie

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Travis Scott van Coachella verwyder 2022 line-up na die dodelike Astroworld-fees wat lewens geëis het 10 konsertgangers en honderde ander beseer Daar is meer uitval vir Travis Scott in die nasleep van die dooies..

Travis Scott does NOT take responsibility for AstroWorld tragedy

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'I'm gonna fix this problem': Travis Scott refuses to take responsibility for AstroWorld tragedy that killed 10 and blames his 'in-ear' person for not telling him crowd crush was becoming deadlyTravis Scott broke his...

Survivors of Channel tragedy reveal how they clung onto deflated boat

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'I saw people dying in front of me': Survivors of Channel tragedy that killed 27 reveal how they desperately clung onto deflated boat and migrants' phones were lost in water before they could send location to rescuer...

Wisconsin senators warn in outsiders may exploit Waukesha tragedy

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Wisconsin senators warn in rare joint statement outsiders may try to exploit Waukesha tragedy that killed six and injured five dozen for 'political purposes'Two Wisconsin senators from either side of the aisle called...

Friend of dead model declared brain dead two weeks after tragedy

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Vrou, 26, is declared brain dead two weeks after death of her Wilhelmina model friend, 24, when both women were 'drugged' and dumped outside hospitals in LAHilda Cabrales, 26, was pronounced brain dead yesterday two...

Father of first victim of Channel tragedy slams France

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'The French government must stop these butchers': Father of channel migrant victim's fury as Calais cops fail to charge ANYONE over deaths of 27 - as ministers double down on Boris's letter that was snubbed by 'petul...

First victim of Channel tragedy confirmed as a bride-to-be from Iraq

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Bride-to-be who was forced on to doomed boat at gunpoint: First victim of Channel tragedy is confirmed as a student, 24, from Iraq who was learning English and hoped to join her fianceTwenty-seven people died after a...

HENRY DEEDES on the Home Secretary’s Channel tragedy statement

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Muttering under her breath, Priti Patel looked impatient to skedaddle back to the office: HENRY DEEDES on the Home Secretary's Channel tragedy statement Priti Patel was crabby – and who could blame her? The Channel b...

Travis Scott fans file $750 million lawsuit over Astroworld tragedy

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Meer as 125 fans file $750 million lawsuit against Travis Scott over Astroworld tragedy as W Magazine desperately tries to keep his cover with Kylie Jenner off newsstandsA Houston attorney filed a lawsuit for more ...

Kendall Jenner word vir die eerste keer sedert die Astroworld-tragedie gesien

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EKSKLUSIEF: Kendall Jenner word vir die eerste keer sedert Astroworld-tragedie gesien nadat sy gesê het sy is 'werklik gebroke' deur gebeurtenis wat agt dood gelaat het Kendall Jenner is vir die eerste keer gesien sedert sy die rapster Tra...

Officials probe whether fentanyl played a role in Astroworld tragedy

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Astroworld investigators are probing whether bad batch of illegal drugs laced with fentanyl played a role in deadly Travis Scott concert: Numerous concertgoers who survived were given naloxone which reverses opioid o...

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