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Trans charity trustee steps down after controversial 2011 speech

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Trustee of transgender charity Mermaids resigns 'after giving speech at conference hosted by organisation that promotes services to paedophiles'LSE professor Dr Jacob Breslow stands down from Mermaids trustee role He ...

Trans charity Mermaids is a scandal unfolding before our eyes

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Why critics say trans charity Mermaids is a scandal unfolding before our eyes: A scheme to send 'harmful' breast binders to children behind parents' backs, and staff pushing puberty-blocking drugs. Is it time to withd...

Trans players in Scottish rugby put women ‘at risk of serious injury

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Trans players in Scottish rugby are 'putting women at risk of life-changing injuries': Sports chiefs slammed over inaction meaning Scotland is the only UK nation to allow male-born athletes to compete against female o...

Influencer says TikTok’s criticizing trans teacher were deleted

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Social media fashion influencer claims her TikTok's criticizing trans teacher in Canada for 'fetishized' prosthetic breasts were deleted because they were sexual harassmentA TikTok influencer Noelle Pullin says that h...

Activist who abused father says she was protecting ‘trans friends

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Trans activist who shouted in the face of 'fascist' father and baby claims she was 'protecting her trans friends' but admits she was wrong as she faces calls to be sacked as Labour MP's aideCarly-May Kavanagh is a pol...