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‘I was sexually assaulted by a transgender rapist in a women’s jail

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'I was sexually assaulted by a transgender rapist in a women's jail': Female prisoner, 45, describes ordeal at the hands of sex predator, 56, who molested four inmates during three-month reign of terrorCheryle Kempto...

Boots sorry over ‘misleadingarticle about transgender people

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Boots sorry over magazine article suggesting that transgender people are more likely to commit suicide if they are not addressed with their 'preferred' personal pronounsBoots has apologised for 'misleading suggestion...

Male transgender swimmer Iszac Henig came out to teammates last year

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Male transgender Yale swimmer Iszac Henig - who defeated transgender Penn swimmer Lia Thomas in Saturday's meet - came out to teammates last year and made the decision NOT to take testosterone because he wanted to re...

Percy Weasley actor brands JK Rowling’s transgender views ‘damaging

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JK Rowling is slammed by ANOTHER Harry Potter star she helped make famous: Now Percy Weasley actor Chris Rankin brands author's transgender views 'damaging' Chris Rankin, who played Percy Weasley, weighed in on the a...

Transgender paedophile, 60, jailed for dog sex is sent to male prison

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ESCLUSIVO: Transgender paedophile, 60, per chi è stato imprigionato 20 months for having cocaine-fuelled sex with a dog is sent to a male prison because she is not legally a womanClaire Goodier, 60, has been sent to prison fo...

Il concorrente dice che è "IMPOSSIBILE"’ battere il nuotatore transgender UPenn

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ESCLUSIVO: 'Impossibile batterla': La rivale scoraggiata dice che nuotare contro la trans Lia Thomas è "intimidatorio" e "scoraggiante" dopo che i compagni di squadra si sono espressi e hanno detto "tutti sanno che è sbagliato"..

Transgender swimmer, 22, who used to compete as a man, destroys rivals

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Moment trans UPenn swimmer, 22, absolutely destroys her rivals in women's freestyle event - winning by 38 secondi: Sparks fury by smashing two women's records one year after competing as a male Lia Thomas, 22, smashe...

Transgender UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas smashes more records by14 seconds

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Transgender UPenn swimmer smashes TWO US records at her latest competition and finishes one race 38 SECONDS ahead of her nearest rival amid growing outrage over ‘unfair’ contestsLia Thomas, 22, smashed two U.S. swimm...

La popolazione carceraria transgender aumenta di un quinto in due anni, MoJ dice

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La popolazione carceraria transgender aumenta di un quinto in due anni, I dati del Ministero della Giustizia rivelanoIl numero di detenuti transgender è aumentato 21 per cento da 163 nel 2019 per 197 nel 2021 La maggioranza - 146 - di loro identificati come...

NHS trust ‘believes all girls who don’t like pink must be transgender

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NHS's only gender service for children believes all girls who don't like 'pink ribbons and dollies' must be transgender, whistleblower claimsDr David Bell said the NHS Trust thinks girls who don't like dolls are tran...

Malaysian transgender entrepreneur says she was ‘beatenby officers

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Transgender cosmetics entrepreneur who fled Malaysia after being charged with insulting Islam by wearing a dress says she was 'hit, beaten and stamped on' by officersNur Sajat, 35, as she prefers to be known, ran awa...

Il senatore australiano vuole VIETARE le ragazze transgender dallo sport femminile locale

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Spingere perché le ragazze e le donne transgender siano VIETATE dalla competizione a TUTTI i livelli sportivi in ​​Australia per "proteggere" la partecipazione dello stesso sesso La senatrice liberale Clair Chandler vuole emendare la legge sulla discriminazione sessuale Lei ...

Professore di criminologia "perseguitato"’ di lavoro per visualizzazioni transgender

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Il professore di criminologia è "perseguitato" dal lavoro alla Open University e paragonato a "zio razzista a tavola per la cena di Natale" per aver detto che le donne trans "maschili" NON dovrebbero essere nelle carceri femminiliESCLUSIVO: Professore di criminologia...

‘There’s a climate of fear in BBC about race and transgender

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'There's a climate of fear around stories about race and transgender': Chilling words of senior BBC insider as he tells PAUL WOOD reporters are asking: 'Will I be the next to be monstered?' Visitors to Broadcasting H...

Transgender comedian BACKS Dave Chappelle after controversial special

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Transgender comedian BACKS Dave Chappelle and says trans stand-ups can't focus their acts on their transition then complain when others joke about the issue tooComedian Flame Monroe supported Dave Chappell in a recen...

Fired transgender Netflix worker says they didn’t leak Chappelle pay

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Fired transgender Netflix program manager denies 'leaking Dave Chappelle's $24.1M salary'The transgender Netflix program manager who was fired for allegedly 'leaking Dave Chappelle's comedy special salary' says they ...