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SARAH VINE: I adore the BBC but it’s like a spoilt, trust fund brat

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SARAH VINE: I adore the BBC but it's like a spoilt, trust fund brat... and the writing has been on the wall for years At long last, the Government has bitten the bullet. The BBC licence fee is on the way out, to be r...

National Trust accused of letting property become ‘dying village

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National Trust is accused of letting iconic Wiltshire property become a 'dying village' with homes in the parish which has starred in Downton Abbey and the Harry Potter films 'sitting empty for years because people c...

National Trust opts to extinguish cigar sales at Chartwell

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National Trust opts to extinguish cigar sales at Winston Churchill’s Kent country home, after hosting a humidor in its Chartwell shop for more than a decadeChartwell, the former home of Churchill, used to sell cigars...

NHS staff off because of Covid at one London trust TRIPLES

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NHS hospitals draw up Omicron battle plans to plug depleted workforces as data shows the number of staff off because of Covid at London's busiest trust has TRIPLED in a weekCovid-related absences jumped from 91 aan 33...

Freak weather patterns threaten UK nature, National Trust warns

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Freak weather patterns threaten UK nature as thousands of trees and plants are left devastated, National Trust warnsThe National Trust's annual review has highlighted the effects of Storm Arwen The charity has warn...

National Trust reveals slave trade links to battlefield

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National Trust reveals slave trade links to battlefield where Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeatedCulloden site was added as Charles Edward Stuart sailed on a French slave ship Battlefield is the first in Britain to be...

Ouers voer aan dat hulle 'nie kan vertrou nie’ skool om hul kinders te voed

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Ontstoke ouers beweer hul kinders is 'ernstig siek' en 'verdubbel in pyn' nadat hulle 'heeltemal rou' hoenderburgers by die Nottingham-akademie bedien is. Ouers het die kos wat by Bulwe bedien word, gekritiseer..

Britte vertrou steeds luukse firmas die meeste sê studie deur SuperBrands UK

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Britte vertrou steeds luukse maatskappye soos Rolex, Mercedes en British Airways, die meeste - says study by SuperBrands UK The pandemic may have changed the face of the world but Britons still trust up-market companies a new...

Pests, disease and climate change threaten trees, National Trust warns

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Triple threat to our trees: Pests, disease and climate change could put woodlands in peril, National Trust warnsA deadly disease, a wood-eating beetle and climate change threaten UK trees The National Trust has warn...

Mint SCRAPS National Trust commemorative coin as charity goes ‘woke

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Royal Mint SCRAPS National Trust 125-year anniversary commemorative coin after because it is a 'somewhat troubled and political organisation'Royal Mint advisory committee called trust a 'troubled and political organi...

NHS-trust glo dat alle meisies wat nie van pienk hou nie, transgender moet wees’

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NHS se enigste geslagsdiens vir kinders glo dat alle meisies wat nie van 'pienk linte en dollies' hou nie, transgender moet wees, fluitjieblaser beweer Dr David Bell het gesê die NHS Trust dink meisies wat nie van poppe hou nie, is trans..

National Trust removes dog poo bins at siteas they keep overflowing

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Take your dog waste home: National Trust removes bins from beauty spot in Hampshire after sharp increase in bags being dumped by pet ownersPark rangers at Ludshott Common in east Hampshire cannot keep up with waste T...

Charles smiles as he meets The Prince’s Trust young entrepreneurs

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Prince Charles tells well-wishers asking after the Queen's health that she is 'all right' as monarch is missed off list of royals including William and Kate who are attending remembrance event on SaturdayPrince Charl...

National Trust members vow to continue ‘war on woke

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Rebel National Trust members vow to continue 'war on woke and PC gimmickry' after losing two of three votes at annual general meetingRebel National Trust members lost opening salvo in 'war on PC gimmickry' Restore Tr...

Rebels accuse National Trust bosses of ‘trampling on our history

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National Trust members battling against the body's woke leaders accuse chiefs of 'trampling on our history' with 'politically-motivated' report into properties' colonial historyNational Trust is embroiled in battle w...

National Trust chief urges staff to back charity’s bosses in key vote

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National Trust bosses urge staff to vote against 'war on woke' campaign set up by rebellious members furious at charity’s directionCharity has been embroiled in a battle with a splinter group called Restore Trust Mem...

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