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Christmas disasters: Rotten turkeys, smashed ovens and cat-eaten cake

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Rotten turkeys, empty mince pies and a pudding-stealing cat: People share the festive cooking disasters that ruined Christmas DayChristmas Day came with a side portion of disaster for many festive revellers People sh...

Turkey’s femicide crisis is examined in harrowing documentary

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Turkey's 'socially-sanctioned' femicide is exposed in documentary featuring harrowing story of TV anchor who was beaten by her husband in row over their newborn - and a wife shot in her arms and legs for wanting a di...

Turkey’s President Erdogan shown walking ‘with difficultyat G-20

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Turkey's President Erdogan is shown walking 'with difficulty' amid mounting speculation over his health as cops probe 30 for claiming he was DEADAllies of President Erdogan have denied he has health issues after vide...

Christmas in peril: Turkeys, fizzy drinks and beer could RUN OUT

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Christmas in peril with no turkey on the table or presents under the tree: Shoppers are warned poultry and beer could RUN OUT and the price of toys, bicycles, sofas and electronic goods will go up amid fuel and gas c...

Kersete is verwoes nadat gesinne ontdek het dat kalkoene weg is

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Vrot geluk! Gesinne kla Kersete is verwoes nadat hulle ontdek het dat hul kalkoene reeds weg is toe hulle dit gaan kook het. Walglike gesinne het op Kersdag foto's van hul vrot kalkoene geplaas..

Asda apologises after shoppers left without turkeys before Christmas

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Asda apologises after online shoppers were left without their turkeys in food deliveries just days before Christmas despite ordering well in advanceCustomers have accused supermarket giant of further 'ruining Christm...

Turkey’s President Erdogan hopes France will ‘get rid of Macron

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Turkey's President Erdogan says he hopes France will 'get rid of Macron' as soon as possible and declares the French leader 'trouble'Erdogan said France was 'passing through a dangerous period' under Macron Two lead...