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Is this the most twisted TV show? Korean survival series Squid Game

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Is this the most twisted show on TV? Ultraviolent Korean survival series Squid Game which shows bullets fired into contestants' heads and graphic scenes of organ harvesting is set to become Netflix's biggest hitSquid...

Inside twisted Colorado ‘cultrun by ‘Mother God

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Ex-members of twisted Colorado 'cult' detail the 'abuse' and 'brainwashing' they suffered at the hands of its leader - who insists on being called 'Mother God' and claims Donald Trump was her father in a past lifeAmy...

Geopenbaar: Twisted case of man who murdered multiple wives

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Twisted case of man who murdered multiple wives is unraveled in true-crime series that details how he killed mail-order Filipino bride 16 years after shooting his second spouse - while his third partner's mysterious ...

Man slaan Twisted Tea in rassiste in, want dit bars nadat hy N-woord gebruik het

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That's the tea: Man slams a can of Twisted Tea so hard into man's head that it bursts after he uses racial slur during gas station argumentA video shows a fight that took place in an Ohio gas station that saw a white...

15-year-old dies of sepsis after her ovaries became twisted

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Grieving mother whose daughter, 15, died of sepsis following a rare condition that saw her ovaries become twisted says she's 'heartbroken' her 'angel has grown her wings so early'Paige Jacobsen, 15, from Prescot, Mer...