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Ukraine’s first lady says relationship with husband is paused amid war

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Ukraine's first lady Olena Zelenska says her relationship with her husband is 'on pause' just like all Ukrainian families in war with RussiaZelenska revealed yesterday she is unable to see her husband for long period...

Ukraine’s newest heroes: Russian defectors have joined Kyiv’s forces

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Ukraine's newest heroes: How brave Russian defectors have joined Kyiv's forces on the frontlines against Putin's regime to liberate their beloved country from his ruleScores of Russians have defected to fight alongsi...

Ukraine’s sniffer dog hero who has detected over 200 Russian mines

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A day in the war zone with Patron: Ukraine’s pint-sized sniffer dog hero who has detected more than 200 deadly Russian landmines and was the only one who didn’t duck when a shell exploded nearbyPatron the Jack Russel...

Boris Johnson parla con l'ucraino Volodymyr Zelensky sulla carestia

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Boris Johnson intrattiene colloqui con l'ucraino Volodymyr Zelensky mentre il Primo Ministro chiede di rimettere in moto la catena globale di approvvigionamento di grano mentre crescono i timori di una carestia Ieri Boris Johnson ha parlato con il presidente ucraino Vo...

Il commentatore ucraino celebra la vittoria dell'Eurovision in un rifugio antiaereo

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Momento La risposta dell'Ucraina a Graham Norton celebra la vittoria dell'Eurovision: Il commentatore in un rifugio antiaereo sbatte il tavolo e esulta con eccitazione mentre il gruppo folk-rap Kalush Orchestra vince il concorso musicale Il commentatore ucraino celebra...

Il commentatore ucraino dell'Eurovision trasmetterà dal rifugio antiaereo di Kiev

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La risposta dell'Ucraina a Graham Norton commenterà stasera l'Eurovision dall'interno di un cupo rifugio antiaereo a Kiev mentre la canzone ucraina è la preferita per la vittoria Timur Miroshnychenko trasmetterà da un rifugio antiaereo durante il ...

UK flags fly at Ukraine’s parliament as Boris Johnson gives speech

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Boris becomes the first world leader to address Ukrainian parliament: PM channels Churchill in video-link speech praising battle against Putin as country's 'finest hour' and pledging £300m more in military supportBor...

Ukraine’s richest man pledges to rebuild the country

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'We WILL rebuild Mariupol': Ukraine’s richest man pledges to rebuild the country and besieged city where he owns steelworks at the centre of heavy fighting with Russian forcesRinat Akhmetov has seen his business empi...

Ma ha vietato qualsiasi trasporto di armi in Ucraina attraverso il territorio ungherese’

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Ma ha vietato qualsiasi trasporto di armi in Ucraina attraverso il territorio ungherese.

Ukraine’s First Lady OLENA ZELENSKA gives a Mother’s Day message

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'My question for Russia's mothers: How do you feel that your sons are slaughtering our children?' Ukraine's First Lady OLENA ZELENSKA gives a Mother's Day message like no other Ask any mother what is most precious to...

Daughter of Russian defence minister wears Ukraine’s colours with baby

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Daughter of Russian defence minister and her baby girl wear Ukraine’s blue and yellow in social media video after she was hit with a wave of anger for her father's military campaignKsenia Shoigu, 31, has not given th...

Ukraine’s ‘Let It Go’ ragazza, Sette, sings national anthem in Poland

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Ukraine's 'Let It Go' girl, Sette, sings her national anthem in front of tens of thousands of people in Polish stadium two weeks after she went viral by singing Frozen song in bunkerAmelia Anisovych performed the Ukr...

I bambini surrogati dell'Ucraina vengono accuditi in un asilo nido sotterraneo

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I bambini nati in una zona di guerra: I bambini surrogati dell'Ucraina vengono accuditi in un asilo nido sotterraneo improvvisato a Kiev mentre i missili di Putin piovono sopra, lasciando i loro genitori biologici incapaci di raccoglierliBambini ...

Ukraine’s foreign fighters ridicule American who RAN AWAY

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Boy meets world: Ukraine's foreign fighters ridicule American Boogaloo Boy who RAN AWAY when he realised he'd actually have to fight Russians in Kyiv with the kit he was given and complained he'd been lured into 'tra...

War leaves Ukraine’s booming global surrogacy industry in turmoil

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Ukraine's surrogacy industry in turmoil: Babies are sheltered in a basement clinic as parents risk their lives to reach them and couples are left 'panicking' over the fate of 800 foreigners' babies yet to be bornUkra...

Britain to pursue more options to bolster Ukraine’s self-defence

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Sajid Javid welcomes 21 'very ill' cancer-hit Ukrainian children into UK as Boris Johnson tells Ukraine's President Zelensky that Britain is 'pursuing more options' to help Ukraine defend itselfHealth Secretary said ...