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Uncle accused of ‘honour killingarrested in Paris

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Uncle accused of 'honour killing' is arrested in Paris: Niece, 18, went missing in Italy after 'refusing arranged marriage in Pakistan and telling family she wanted a "Western" lifestyle'Danish Hasnain was tracked do...

Aaliyah’s uncle says R Kelly wouldn’t need trial had he known of abuse

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Aaliyah's uncle says 'there wouldn't have been a trial' if he had known how R. Kelly was sexually exploiting and abusing his nieceAaliyah's uncle, Barry Hankerson, has spoken out about R. Kelly's verdict, sê die ...

Injured Waukesha girl’s uncle shares horrific parade details

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'I hope he spends the rest of his jail in isolation': Uncle of girl, 11, fighting for her life on a ventilator after Waukesha parade massacre describes horror scenes and says suspect makes him 'sick to his stomach'A ...

Meghan Markle’s ‘proudex-diplomat uncle Mike dies aged 82

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Meghan Markle's 'proud' ex-diplomat uncle Mike dies aged 82 after Parkinson's battle without 'ever meeting Prince Harry', according to reportsMeghan Markle's uncle Mike, het bejaard gesterf 82 following battle with Parkins...

Vrou, 27, is pregnant with her best friend’s UNCLE, 43

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Vrou, 27, who is pregnant with her friend's UNCLE, 43, says it was 'love at first sight' - despite initially meeting when she was aged just 12Jami Bouwer, van Suid-Afrika, is expecting her first child with Nolte L...