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Suella Braverman fears immigration INCREASE under India trade deal

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Suella Braverman fears immigration will INCREASE if Liz Truss signs trade deal with IndiaHome Secretary said that Brexiteers did not vote for open borders policy She claimed that overstayers from India already pose a ...

Dorries accuses PM of throwing Chancellor ‘under a busover tax cut

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Tories at war as ex-minister Nadine Dorries accuses Liz Truss of throwing Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng 'under a bus' by claiming that he alone was behind decision to scrap 45% tax rate that saves Britain's richest millio...

Boris and Carrie Johnson’s Camberwell home is under offer for £1.6m

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Reasons to be cheerful! Ousted Boris and Carrie Johnson's Camberwell home is under offer for £1.6m... £400,000 more than they paid for it three years ago£1.6m offer has been made on Boris and Carrie Johnson's South Lo...

Drunk passenger ran across train tracks before crawling UNDER train

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Moment drunk passenger, 28, ran across live railway tracks before falling over and crawling UNDER a train to get on boardAdam Hughes, 28, climbed onto tracks as train pulled into the opposite platform Hughes, from Glo...