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Conde Nast agrees to contract with New Yorker Union

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Anna Wintour caves in to pay demands after Conde Nast staff protest outside her NYC townhouse in first labor agreement in company's 100-year historyConde Nast has agreed to its first labor agreement in the company's ...

Il leader del sindacato di polizia di Portland afferma che il morale è "pessimo come non lo è mai stato"’

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Portland Police Association leader says morale among officers is 'as bad as it's ever been' after all 50 riot squad members resigned and the riot-hit city took out a full-page ad in NYT describing itself as 'edgy'Por...

Chess influencer beats Union Square hustler in less than 10 minuti

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Checkmate! Moment glamorous chess champion, 25, trounces a Union Square hustler in less than ten minutesAlexandra Botez, 25, took on chess hustler in Union Square Park in Manhattan and emerged a winner Botez has six...

Insegnanti’ il presidente del sindacato afferma che la CRT NON viene insegnata nelle scuole

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Il presidente del sindacato nazionale degli insegnanti è accusato di aver ingannato i genitori affermando che la teoria della razza critica NON viene insegnata nelle scuole e si prepara a citare in giudizio gli stati che vietano le controverse lezioni della Federazione americana degli insegnanti..

Teachers union president: GOP ‘bullying teachers on honest history

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Teachers union president tells event headlined by 'How to be an Anti-Racist' author that Republicans are 'bullying educators to try to stop them teaching 'honest history' after 26 states ban lessons on Critical Race ...

Exports to the European Union bounce back following Brexit slump

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Exports to the European Union bounce back following slump in trade after Brexit Exports to the European Union have bounced back following a slump in trade after Brexit. Britain sold £14.2billion of goods to the bloc ...

Boris’s Union Jack jet grounded by Covid, making one 2021 foreign trip

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Boris's Union Jack jet is grounded by Covid: RAF plane given £900,000 patriotic makeover makes promotional visit abroad 'just once' in 2021 and has spent most of its time refuelling fighters over the North SeaAirbus ...

DC police union criticizes officials ‘who won’t let us do our job

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Cops offer $10K reward in hunt for car involved in Washington Nationals baseball shooting game that saw three people shot and play suspended - as police union complains violent crime has taken over DCPolice on Sunday...

Union bosses say key workers should stay at home during pingdemic

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Unions on a mission to paralyse Britain by telling key workers in transport and food delivery to IGNORE their exemptions from the pingdemic - AND they are threatening to strikeUnion bosses urging key workers to ignor...

Union member who spoke at pro-Brexit rally wins unfair dismissal claim

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Pro-Brexit firefighter who was SACKED from union for giving a speech in favour of leaving the EU wins unfair dismissal claim as tribunal rules bosses 'dug for dirt' on him in 'blatant witch-hunt'Union leader Paul Emb...

Union leader slams ‘cowardly attackson civil servants WFH

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Union leader slams 'insulting and cowardly attacks' on civil servants by ministers who suggested docking the pay of mandarins who refuse to quit the spare room to return to work in WhitehallThe FDA general secretary ...

Union joins working from home row

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Union joins working from home row: Chiefs blast minister for suggesting civil service staff should have pay cut if they don't return to the officeGeneral Secretary of the FDA accused ministers of making 'reckless' at...

Chicago mayor branded ‘disgustingby city’s top police union chief

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is branded ‘disgusting’ by city’s top police union chief who blames her for cop's murder by ‘encouraging’ criminals after she was confronted and told she has 'blood on her hands'John Cata...

Prince Charles plants a huge Union Jack-shaped vegetable garden

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Prince Charles plants a huge Union Jack-shaped vegetable garden at his £45m Scottish estate - but is it proudly patriotic or a mischievous message to all those who'd break up his future kingdom?Aerial photographs of ...

Union hopeful refuses to disown plot to target tycoon’s family

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Unite leadership contender who is a favourite to replace Len McCluskey is embroiled in row over 'bully boy' tactics after she targeted family of chemicals tycoon Sir Jim RatcliffeSharon Graham is seeking to replace '...

Sharon Turner tipped to seize control of powerful Unite union

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Shock successor for Red Len: Socialist Worker Party’s far-Left candidate Sharon Turner is tipped to seize control of powerful Unite unionSharon Graham is supposedly on course to win the Unite union leadership Ms Grah...