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Now Ukrainian minors CAN get UK visa without parents after U-turn

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Now Ukrainian minors CAN get a visa to come to UK without their parents after Government U-turnThousands of unaccompanied youngsters will be able to apply to come to the UK They will need permission from their parent...

Morrisons to keep multibuy deals on junk food after Government U-turn

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Morrisons becomes first UK supermarket to commit to keeping multibuy deals on junk food after Boris Johnson's U-turn on crackdown due to cost-of-living crisis - after Tesco said it would axe them anywayMorrisons says...

British Airways in major U-Turn after passengers demand refunds

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British Airways in major U-Turn after hundreds of thousands of furious passengers demand refunds (and NOT vouchers) for Covid-cancelled flights British Airways has bowed to passenger fury and will refund travellers ...

Retired Kremlin colonel who disparaged Ukraine war makes sudden U-turn

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What I mean to say, Comrade… Russian colonel who dared to criticise Putin’s Ukraine invasion on state TV changes his tune days later to hail Russia's military mightMikhail Khodaryonok, a former air defence commander,...

Arbeid maak U-draai nadat Mail bewys het dat Rayner by 'beergate' was’

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'Ons het 'n fout gemaak. Angela WAS teenwoordig': Arbeid maak 'n vernederende U-draai nadat Mail bewys het Rayner was by 'beergate'-geleentheid onder polisie-oorsig Arbeid het erken Angela Rayner was by 'n geleentheid Sir Kier Starmer in 2021...

'Ons het twee ambulansspanne gestuur

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'Ons het twee ambulansspanne gestuur 40,000 'Ons het twee ambulansspanne gestuur.

kettings en 'hou uit' kennisgewings oor voetpaadjie langs haar huis in 'n ry met wandelaars Frances Payne

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kettings en 'hou uit' kennisgewings oor voetpaadjie langs haar huis in 'n ry met wandelaars Frances Payne.

Medical unions hail ‘long overdueU-turn over jabs for NHS staff

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Medical unions hail 'long overdue' U-turn after Sajid scraps NHS vaccine mandates amid fears 80,000 workers would be SACKED - but care bosses say move is a 'slap in the face'Royal College of Nursing boss said it made...

David Cameron does a U-turn to send daughter to £21k private school

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EDEN VERTROULIK: David Cameron does a U-turn over education and sends his daughter to a £21,000-a-year private school When David Cameron was trying to enter Downing Street, he made it clear that he planned to shun ...

Red Wall backlash mounts over PM’s U-turn over HS2 eastern leg

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What happened to Levelling Up? Red Wall backlash mounts as Boris Johnson prepares to scrap election pledge to build HS2 leg from Midlands to Leeds as former minister tells him to 'go the full monty'Ministers expected...

Vicious blame game erupts after Boris’s sleaze U-turn fiasco

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Vicious blame game erupts after Boris's sleaze U-turn fiasco: Livid Tories target 'out of his depth' chief whip Mark Spencer - but allies insist he had 'total support and approval' from PM who flew back from COP hour...

HENRY DEEDES on No10’s embarrassing Tory sleaze u-turn

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Mogg pinched his Prof Calculus specs against a blizzard of fury: HENRY DEEDES witnesses the morning after the catastrophe before Mornings after are agonising affairs. The regret, the sorrow, that excruciating sense o...

Rebel Tory MP reinstated as ministerial aide after Paterson U-turn

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Rebel Tory MP Angela Richardson is reinstated as Michael Gove's ministerial aide... 14 hours after she was SACKED for refusing to obey PM's order to save Owen Paterson from lobbying punishmentTory MP Angela Richardso...

Soldiers WILL carry Dennis Hutchingscoffin in MoD U-turn

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Soldiers WILL carry Troubles veteran Dennis Hutchings' coffin at his funeral after MoD caves in to pressureDennis Hutchings' coffin can now be carried by serving soldiers, the MoD said The U-turn came last night when...

Visa U-turn could allow 1,000 foreign butchers in run-up to Christmas

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Visa U-turn could allow in 1,000 foreign butchers in run-up to Christmas after farmers warned more than 100,000 pigs face destruction because of staff shortageTemporary visa for foreign butchers is a significant U-tu...

Skool maak toilette geslagsneutraal voordat rokende ouers u-draai dwing

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Laerskoolhoof maak toilette geslagsneutraal voordat woedende ouers omdraai dwing Laerskool Moredon in Swindon maak toilette unisex sonder om ouers te vertel Sommige handelsmerke was 'dom' en het gesê dat die skool ....

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