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Moment car veers into driving instructor’s vehicle

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Moment car veered onto wrong side of road and smashed into driving instructor's vehicle before spinning it upside down - as 'idiot' motorist AVOIDS prosecutionDriving instructor Colin Savage suffered whiplash and sho...

Electric cars: Pay monthly for a vehicle, charger and energy tariff

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All-in-one electric car package: You can now pay for a vehicle, charger and energy tariff in ONE monthly payment starting from £430Octopus Electric Vehicles has launched the 'personal electric vehicle package' It con...

Tesla is nie meer die wêreld se grootste vervaardiger van elektriese voertuie nie

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Tesla is nie meer die wêreld se grootste vervaardiger van elektriese voertuie nie: China se Warren Buffet-gesteunde BYD neem die eerste plek in deur Elon Musk se maatskappy uit te verkoop deur 77,000 EV's in die eerste ses maande van hierdie jaar, China-gebaseerde BYD i...

Is your car a steal? Vehicle thefts are on the up

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Is your car a steal? Vehicle thefts are on the up with criminals using methods from high-tech equipment to carjackings Car crime is on the rise and the deepening cost-of-living crisis means there’s little chance of i...

Army officer, 26, killed by Warrior armoured vehicle during training

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Op die foto: Army officer, 26, killed when he was hit by Warrior armoured vehicle during training exercise - as tributes are paid to 'star who burned bright'Second Lieutenant Max George, 26, sadly died on Salisbury Plai...

Soldaat, 26, dies in collision with armoured vehicle during training

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Soldaat, 26, dies from head injuries in collision with Warrior armoured vehicle during training exercise on Salisbury PlainThe soldier, 26, died after colliding with an armoured vehicle in Wiltshire He was a member o...

ALPACA steek sy kop uit die motorvenster tydens roetine-voertuigkontrole

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Vlug om jou te ontmoet! Polisiebeampte is verstom terwyl ALPACA sy kop by die motorvenster uitsteek tydens roetine-voertuigkontrole - en selfs poseer vir 'n foto Verkeerspolisie het 'n alpakka gevind wat by 'n motorvenster uitloer tydens 'n roete..

Polisie: Voertuigdiefstalle word aangevuur deur 'n gebrek aan onderdele vir motors

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Motordiefstalle word aangevuur deur 'n gebrek aan onderdele, aangesien bendes voertuie van onderdele stroop om binne ure te verkoop, polisie waarsku Fabriekssluitings weens die pandemie het gelei tot 'n tekort aan motoronderdele Diewe is nou besig om te stroop...

Ministers must ‘fix or scrap£3.2bn Ajax armoured vehicle contract

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Ministers must 'fix or scrap' troubled £3.2bn Ajax armoured vehicle contract as it is undermining national security, MPs warn Ministers must fix or scrap the UK's troubled Ajax armoured vehicle programme this year as...

Pilot navigates a £68,000 flying vehicle dubbed Jetson One

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The real-life Jetsons! Incredible footage shows a pilot navigating a £68,000 flying vehicle dubbed Jetson One - and its developers say ANYONE can buy and operate oneThe Jetson One flying vehcile can reach speeds of u...

Parliament Square is closed off over ‘suspicious vehicle

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Parliament Square closed off and QEII Centre evacuated as police deploy bomb disposal robot for controlled explosions over 'suspicious vehicle' near Westminster AbbeyRoads around Parliament Square were closed due to ...

Drivers flock to fast-food diners for cheaper plug-in vehicle charging

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KFC and Toby Carvery see a rise in footfall as drivers flock to fast-food diners for cheaper electric vehicle chargingSoaring petrol prices and environmental concerns saw plug-in car sales rise Motorists are charging...

Car thief, 16, jumps out of moving vehicle while running from cops

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Shocking moment teenage car thief, 16, jumps out of speeding vehicle and smashes into a guard rail while being chased by copsHorrific police dash cam footage captures the moment an Ohio 16-year-old leaps out of a mov...

Satellite images show Russian armoured vehicle convoy on road to war

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The eight-mile Kremlin convoy on road to war: Satellite images show column of Russian armoured vehicles heading for key battles in eastern UkraineEight mile convoy heads to eastern Ukraine where decisive battles are ...

Man with ‘world’s smallest vehicleappears on This Morning

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Wheely tiny! Man shows off the 'world's smallest car' that's just 103cm long and costs £7 to fill up with petrol - but says its mini motorcycle motor means he can't reverseAlex Orchin, 31, drives around his Sussex vi...

The woman was found in a duffle bag in a blazing vehicle

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Female immigrant hidden in a DUFFEL BAG is saved from burning car in Texas: Human smuggler fled cops and crashed before trying to flee the fiery wreckage with the woman insideBorder agents began chasing a vehicle on ...

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