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Lord Ahmed’s alleged victim says he ‘tried to rape her in 1970s

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Lord Ahmed's alleged sex attack victim tells court she 'has never forgotten' moment former Labour peer 'tried to rape her when she was a small girl in the 1970s'The victim alleges Labour peer Lord Ahmed raped her as ...

Police teams searching cafe for Fred West ‘victimremove FIREPLACE

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Police forensic teams searching cafe for Fred West 'victim' Mary Bastholm remove FIREPLACE in cellar as hunt for body enters third dayForensic archaeologists searching cafe for Mary Bastholm removed the fireplace Tea...

Spiked nightclub victim Millie says woman should be safe

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Tiener, 18, who shared harrowing video after her drink was spiked at nightclub says she may never go out again and warns, 'I don't know how much more careful girls can be'Millie Taplin, 18, was drugged in Moo Moos ...

Officer sacked for pursuing relationship with domestic abuse victim

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Police officer is sacked for pursuing sexual relationship with 'highly vulnerable' domestic abuse victim by sending her more than 50 messages in one day but force STILL keeps his name a secretHampshire Police constab...

Oombliksverkragter word op kringtelevisie gevang terwyl hy slagoffer deur die middestad dra

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Verkragter dra slagoffer deur die strate voordat hy haar aan grusame aanval onderwerp: Skrikwekkende beeldmateriaal word deur die polisie vrygestel terwyl roofdier beken dat hy 'n seksaanval op vrou gehad het wat op taxi gewag het..

Granddaughter of Manson family victim Rosemary LaBianca is killed

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EKSKLUSIEF: Granddaughter of Manson family victim Rosemary LaBianca is brutally stabbed to death and found 'in a pool of blood in her bed' in a chilling repeat of the infamous murders 51 years agoAriana Wolk, granddau...

Verkragtingslagoffer gekoppel aan vermeende aanvaller en geparadeer in die Indiese dorp

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Verkragtingslagoffer, 16, word vasgebind aan haar vermeende aanvaller en geslaan toe sy deur haar Indiese dorpie geparadeer word om haar te beskaam. Videomateriaal wys hoe die vermeende verkragtingslagoffer aan die 21-jarige verdagte vasgebind is..

Daunte Wright ‘was an arch criminal’, says lawyer for shooting victim

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EKSKLUSIEF: Daunte Wright 'was an arch criminal' whose death at the hands of a cop is being used to push 'false narratives', claims lawyer for mom whose son was 'left in vegetative state by one of two shootings the bl...

Beatles’ slagoffer James Foley se ma konfronteer 'boosheid'’ Alexanda Kotey

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'Vertel ons waar die oorblyfsels van ons kinders is': ISIS Beatles' execution victim James Foley's mother confronts 'evil' Alexanda Kotey in US court as he pleads guilty to avoid the death penalty The mother of a victim o...

Family of acid attack victim, 25, raising £60,000 for her treatment

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Acid attack victim's family speak for first time: Sister of junior doctor, 25, left blind in one eye and with horrific burns after jilted ex-lover's doorstep assault reveals she needs £60,000 of medical treatment una...

Family’s heartwrenching essay about teen suicide victim

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EKSKLUSIEF: Notule geen klagte is gemaak nie, 15, with fake porn before she took her own life and then posted vile messages within hours of her body being found, family reveal in heartwrenching essayMatilda 'Tilly' ...

Antifa-skieter het op sy slagoffer van Trump gelê en wag

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GEOPENBAAR: Antifa gewapende man, 48, deur die polisie vermoor is saam met sy seun op die foto, 17, brandishing a baseball bat outside of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's condo a day before he shot a Trump supporterMichael Reinoehl, 48, fled P...

Inside the true story of ‘The Poetstalker and his victim

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Twisted story of a woman who was BRANDED by a 'sex maniac' as a teen - then claimed she'd been tormented and stabbed by a stalker called 'The Poet' 30 maak hul huis skoon en kook maaltye het gesonder harte as diegene wat huiswerk vermy - is set to be retold in new Netflix true crime filmN...

Sexual abuse victim becomes MMA fighter after fleeing violent partner

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Sexual abuse victim who fled France to escape a violent partner becomes an MMA FIGHTER in the US after taking up boxing to overcome her trauma: 'It's empowering to know I can't get beaten up again'Kheira Saadi, 32, w ...

Getroude polisiebeampte, 49, ‘slept with a domestic abuse victim

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Getroude polisiebeampte, 49, 'slept with a domestic abuse victim while investigating her ex-husband', disciplinary panel hearsPC Sean Ford posed as a 'knight in shining armour' after visiting woman's home Woman invi...

Ghislaine Maxwell victim feels ‘tremendous reliefover guilty verdict

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Ghislaine Maxwell victim Annie Farmer says she feels 'tremendous relief' over sex trafficking guilty verdict and adds 'I wasn't sure this day would ever come'Annie Farmer, one of the four victims who testified agains...

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