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Icelandair’s 737 MAX business class vs economy in fascinating video

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'Smart cabins' and top service but a meal containing an 'almost inedible broth': Travel experts put Icelandair's 737 MAX business class head-to-head with economy in a fascinating videoThe head-to-head test took place...

Tesla Cybertruck walkaround video shows futuristic vehicle in detail

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'It looks like a stainless steel refrigerator!' Tesla Cybertruck walkaround video shows the futuristic vehicle in incredible detail - but who knows when you'll be able to buy one after 2022 roll-out got cannedA leake...

Betty White in last video recorded just 11 days before she died

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Betty White is seen in her last video which was recorded just 11 days before she died at age 99 as she thanks fans for their love and 'support'Betty White appeared in a new video shared to Facebook on Friday The swe...

Liverpool Council skep TikTok-video om vlugtelinge te help om paaie oor te steek

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Die Groen Kruis-kode vir Afghanen: Liverpool Council skep TikTok-video om vlugtelinge wat uit die Taliban gevlug het te help om veilig die besige paaie in Brittanje oor te steek. Liverpool-raad skep TikTok-video om vlugtelinge te help om veilig oor te steek..

Nuwe video wys Browns’ Malik McDowell laai NAAK by 'n polisieman aan

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Oomblikkaal Browns verdedigende pak Malik McDowell het polisieman aangekla en getakel nadat hy aangekeer is omdat hy naby Florida kleuterskool geloop het sonder klere aan: Footage shows him clothed and acting NORMALLY at gym less tha...

VIDEO: Ouma het verras toe militêre kleindogter terugkeer huis toe

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Oomblik verstom laat ouma haar drankies laat val toe haar weermagdogter haar verras na ses maande weg Kathy Elceser was onbewus van haar kleindogter Lindsay het van diens af teruggekeer Die US Army Private First Class het na Il ...

VIDEO: Bolton-tiener Tryone Worsley tronk toe gestuur ná hoëspoedmotorjaagtog

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Tiener in gesteelde Mercedes lei die polisie op 10 minute hoëspoed-jaagtog in 'n hart-stop video - want hy is tronk toe gestuur vir 'n reeks oortredings, Tyrone Worsley, 18, gehad het 19 vorige veroordelings vir byna 60 verskillende oortredings ...

Tom Parker looks at life since cancer diagnosis in emotional video

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'Healing from cancer means attacking it from all angles': Tom Parker looks back at life since his terminal diagnosis in emotional video after learning his brain tumour is stable Tom Parker has shared an emotional vid...

Five-year-old girl explains Partygate in hilarious video

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'He has to go to the naughty centre': Sassy five-year-old explains why Boris Johnson is a 'bad Prime Minister' because of 'partygate' to her grandparents in hilarious videoLayla Somani, vyf, filmed explaining Partyg...

New video emerges of missing Marnie Clayton the night she disappeared

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Missing teen's dancefloor selfie on night she vanished: 18-year-old hugs friends in video just hours before she disappeared - as police are told she was later 'arguing with man' outsideMarnie Clayton, 18, was last se...

Pastor SPITS on hand and RUBS it on face of churchgoer in viral video

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'Receiving a vision from God might get nasty!' Oklahoma pastor horrifies congregation by SPITTING onto his hands then rubbing it all over his brother's faceA viral pastor from Oklahoma spit on his hand before rubbing...

Mike Tindall and Zara appear in tropical background during video chat

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Giggling Mike and Zara Tindall appear in video call with tropical background and joke they're 'pretending to be on the Gold Coast' amid UK's 'miserable weather' after Covid stopped them from travelling to AustraliaMi...

Tories demand probe after video showed ‘Covid hypocrite’ Keir Starmer

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Tories demand probe after video showed 'Covid hypocrite' Keir Starmer drinking beer with colleagues at the height of last year's lockdownSir Keir Starmer should refer himself for investigation, Conservatives have sai...

Video shows dog trainer swinging a German Shepherd puppy by its leash

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Horrific video shows dog trainer swinging a German Shepherd puppy by its leash and slamming it to the ground - SHATTERING its rear end - when it failed to heed a commandTyCalK9 Dog Training Center in Arcola, Texas, ek ...

Video reveals Bristol tunnel that was BBC’s back-up base in WWII

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Sound of the underground: Urban explorer films abandoned 1893 railway tunnel in Bristol that was BBC's back-up base should Broadcasting House be destroyed by bomb in the BlitzAfter it was built in 1893, the tunnel, ek ...

Video captures thousands of damaged packages on LA train tracks

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Thieves steal Amazon and UPS packages from trains waiting outside LA sorting depot and strew debris along tracks: Overstretched cops refuse to step up patrolsVideo footage captured thousands of empty and damages pack...

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