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scusate, troll. Gli spettatori preferiscono scegliere attori neri come elfi e nani

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scusate, troll. La maggior parte degli spettatori SOSTIENE il casting di attori neri come elfi, nani e altri personaggi fantasy negli spin-off de Il Signore degli Anelli e Il Trono di Spade, e i fan sfegatati sono sostenitori ancora più grandi, sondaggio sho...

Crossfire viewers ‘traumatisedby gripping new BBC drama

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'I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight': Crossfire viewers 'traumatised' by gripping new BBC drama as they praise Keeley Hawes' acting in 'top notch' three-part series Viewers of new BBC drama Crossfire were left feeling 'n...

‘Abnormally high levelsof TV viewers watched the Queen’s funeral

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The Queen's funeral is expected to be the most-watched TV event in history with FOUR BILLION global viewers - more than Live Aid 1985 and Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981Broadcasters are left struggling to count th...

How Meghan was obscured from TV viewers by a giant candle

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Oops! How Meghan was obscured from TV viewers by a giant candle... and a jolly tall royalDuchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was behind a candle and Tim Laurence TV viewers struggled to catch a glimpse of her as she was ...