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George Clarke’s Old House, New Home viewers slam couple for £100k

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'They've more money than sense!' George Clarke's Old House, New Home viewers admit they can't see the difference after couple spend £100k 'decorating and refitting' their London Victorian terraceMasim and Maria, a partire dal...

George Clarke’s Old House New Home viewers slam couple

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Viewers brand couple 'criminal' for spending £140,000 turning their 19th-century Georgian farmhouse in Gloucestershire into 'another bland Ikea unit' on George Clarke's Old House, New HomeCouple Leighla and Phil boug...

How to Save a Grand in 24 Hours viewers slam couple for toy spend

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Viewers slam shopaholic couple as 'idiots' for splashing out £170 a MONTH on 'mountains of toys' for their two 'fussy' children on How to Save a Grand in 24 HoursKarl and Natalie, dal Surrey, appeared on How to Save...

Location Location Location viewers slam couple wanting TWO bathrooms

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Posizione, Posizione, Location viewers slam couple with £750,000 budget who insist their London home needs TWO bathrooms and say they're being 'mugged off' because property is much cheaper in WalesElliot, chi vive in ...