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Kate Middleton and Prince William visit l in Lancashire

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Cuddly Kate! Duchess of Cambridge can't hide her smiles as she snuggles therapy cockapoo Alfie against her £349 Massimo Dutti coat during a visit to a Lancashire hospital with Prince WilliamThe Duke, 39, and Duchess ...

Police visit parish councillor’s home to warn him over Facebook post

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Police visit parish councillor's home to warn him he faces arrest over Facebook post that read 'trans rights are very, very boring'Andrew Willgoss was visited by police after sharing a post about trans rights The par...

Melania Trump auctions off hat worn for Emmanuel Macron’s state visit

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Melania Trump auctions off 'iconic' white hat she wore to host Donald's first state visit - alongside a digital NFT portrait of herself in the accessory - as part of $250,000 sale to commemorate the 'important' event...

Boris Johnson pays a visit to wife Carrie and newborn daughter

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Boris Johnson pays a visit to wife Carrie and newborn baby daughter as the PM's convoy descends on London hospitalPrime Minister Boris Johnson was spotted leaving Downing Street at lunchtime The PM's convoy was then ...

Peppa Pig World hit by reviews mocking Borisvisit to the theme park

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Peppa Pig World is hit by reviews mocking Boris Johnson's visit to the theme park after his bizarre speech to business leaders at the CBI conferencePranksters have mocked Boris Johnson's visit to Peppa Pig World on T...

Prince Charles and Camilla visit Jordan’s ancient city of Gadara

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A spot of sightseeing! Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall stroll around ruins in Jordan's ancient city of Gadara on the second day of their Middle Eastern tourPrince Charles, 73, en Camilla, 74, arrived in A...

Bezos predicts people will be born in space, visit Earth on vacation

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Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos says that people will be BORN in space centuries from now and will visit Earth on vacation 'the way you visit Yellowstone National Park'Bezos made a surprise appearance at the 2021 Ign...

‘War stays with you like a slideshow’: Harry and Meghan visit NJ base

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'War stays with you like a slideshow of images': Harry opens up about serving in the armed forces as he and Meghan visit military base in NJ on Veterans Day to talk about mental health with service personnelThe Duke ...

Tory MP caught posting old selfie for THIRD time to publicise visit

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Tory MP Nick Fletcher is caught out posting year-old selfie for the THIRD time to publicise constituency visit when voters spot Christmas trees in the backgroundMP for Don Valley in South Yorkshire posted a picture t...

Pub cancels reindeer visit after animal rights militantsthreats

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Police tell husband and wife pub landlords to cancel Santa's visit with two reindeers after animal rights militant threatens to TORCH their boozer with them INSIDESteve and Rebecca Eccles, who run the Saddle Inn at F...

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen has hundreds visit farm each day

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Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen says she now has hundreds of people visit Ravenseat farm each day and that it's 'more tiring smiling than shovelling s***' - but admits she 'capitalises' on curious fans by running a...

The city with plenty to shout about: Why you should visit Valencia

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The city with plenty to shout about: Visit Valencia and you'll soon discover why the locals love to brag about its world-class galleries, food and beachesPaella was invented in Valencia, and its main ingredient is th...

PAUL THOMAS aan… The Queen’s hospital visit

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PAUL THOMAS aan ... The Queen's hospital visit To order a print of this Paul Thomas cartoon or one by Pugh, besoek of bel 0191 6030 178

Royal sources reveal Queen’s visit to COP26 ‘hangs in the balance

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Queen's visit to COP26 'hangs in the balance' and monarch will be 'guided by doctors' on whether to go as she is ordered to rest until she gets results from hospital testsRoyal sources reveal the Queen's COP26 visit ...

Why you should visit the Isle of Man

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Fairies, fine food, steam trains, Viking history and beaches galore – no wonder this British isle is... Top, Man!The Isle of Man - its name derives from the sea god Manannan - nestles in the middle of the choppy Iris...

Truss pushes for UK to join Trans-Pacific trade area on Mexico visit

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss pushes for Britain to join Trans-Pacific trade area on visit to Mexico after Joe Biden dashed hopes of a quick deal with US and fallback plan to get in pact with America, Mexico and Canada...

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