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The Dutch Voice het gedaal ná aansprake oor seksueel onvanpaste gedrag

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The Voice word in Holland uit die lug gehaal ná sy orkesleier en een van sy afrigters - 'n gewilde Nederlandse rapper - is beskuldig van seksueel onvanpaste gedrag, insluitend die stuur van eksplisiete tekste aan vroue op die program The ...

Japanese Frozen voice actress cremated in Japan

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Heartbroken parents of Japanese Frozen actress who fell to her death from a hotel hold her ashes after she is cremated as they 'say goodbye' as police investigate suspected suicideSayaka Kanda, 35, was found outside ...

Toddler hears soldier father’s voice and runs giggling into his arms

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'Papa!' Adorable moment three-year-old girl hears her soldier father's voice and runs giggling into his arms as he returns home after seven months awayToddler hears soldier father's voice from outside and adorably ru...

University Challenge viewers swoon over contestant’s silky voice

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University Challenge viewers swoon over King's College London captain Atyab Rashid's 'warm honey' voice - saying the Philosophy student makes 'even the Queen sound common'Rashid was back on BBC2 quiz show University ...

Biden, 79, insists his alarming low and hoarse voice is just a COLD

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'The President has a frog in his throat': WH doctor's official diagnosis after sick Biden, 79, coughed his way through hoarse speech and said he had a cold caused by Hunter's one-year-old son's kissesBiden raised con...

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Ruth Wilson is back on stage in The Human Voice

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BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Ruth Wilson talks her way back on stage in The Human Voice Ruth Wilson will return to the London stage as the tragic heroine of Jean Cocteau's tale of heartbreak, The Human Voice, in which a woman figh...

MPs and City figures voice concerns as inflation storm clouds gather

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Is the Bank of England Governor who cried wolf over interest rates the right man for the job? MPs and City figures voice concerns as inflation storm clouds gatherCritics questioned if Andrew Bailey is the right man f...

Seals can change the tone of their voice just like humans, studie bevind

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Baby seals can change their tone just like humans! Pups adjust their voice based on the volume of sea noises, study findsResearchers in the Netherlands played sounds of the sea to baby harbour seals Nearly all of the...

The Voice singer, 31, found guilty of performing a sex act in his car

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The Voice singer, 31, is found guilty of performing a sex act in his mother’s sports car in view of a 12-year-old girl – as jury rejects his claim he was strumming a miniature guitarJeffrey Anderson, 31, of County Do...

Has Buzz Lightyear voice actor been axed for political views?

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Has Disney canceled Tim Allen? Fans question if actor who voiced Buzz Lightyear in original films has now been sidelined because of his right wing views Allen, 68, was replaced in the role of the beloved Buzz Lightye...

Cleo Smith’s voice heard on a CCTV camera inside nearby beach shack

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Cleo Smith's devastated mum shares adorable new photo of the four-year-old with her sister - as eerie new CCTV footage from a beach shack captures her voice the day before she vanishedAudio of Cleo Smith has been rec...

HENRY DEEDES on MP’s rickety debut as Government’s voice on jabs

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So NOW we know why No10 hasn't unleashed our new vaccines minister on telly: HENRY DEEDES on MP's rickety debut as Government's voice on jabs Half a century or so ago, creaking boarding school sanatoriums were invari...

Dogs have a special attachment to their owner’s VOICE, studie bevind

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Dogs really ARE man's best friend! Pups have a special attachment to their owner's VOICE which generates brain activity similar to that of a newborn baby listening to their mother, study findsScientists studied behav...

Premature babas voel minder pyn as hulle hul moeders hoor’ stem

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Premature babas voel minder pyn as hulle hul moeders se stem hoor terwyl hulle in die intensiewe sorg is, studie toonDeskundiges onder leiding van die Universiteit van Genève het toetse uitgevoer met 20 babas Hulle het die babas se pyn en oksiet gemeet..

AI recreates actor Val Kilmer’s voice that was lost to throat cancer

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The British start-up that's given Val Kilmer his voice back: Artificial intelligence helps recreate Top Gun actor's voice using recordings from before his throat cancerA British firm has produced an amazing recreatio...

Ministers voice frustration at US restrictions on travel from the UK

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'It's obviously disappointing': Ministers voice frustration at US refusing to ease restrictions on travel from the UK, as double-jabbed Americans are set to be exempted from quarantine rulesMinister voices 'disappoin...

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