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Texas man who waited 6 hours to cast ballot jailed for illegal voting

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Texas Democrat hailed a hero after he waited in line for hours to vote on Super Tuesday is JAILED on illegal voting charge 'because he was on probation for burglary when he cast his ballot'Hervis Rogers, 62, waited ...

Family ‘waited weeksfor return of father’s belongings after death

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Heartbroken family of 90-year-old who died of Covid had to wait eight weeks for care home to return his belongings - only to find they'd been given someone else's FALSE TEETHRaymond Nickson, of Greater Manchester, van...

Bestuurder het maande gewag om rekordtydse reis te eis om vervolging te voorkom’

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Bestuurder wat 'n reis van 837 myl van Land's End na John O'Groats in Skotland op 'n rekordtyd gemaak het, het ses maande gewag om die titel op te eis om vervolging te verhoed, hofverhoor Thomas Davies bestuur 837 myl regoor Brittanje op ...

New Zealand police waited outside store while knifeman injured seven

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New Zealand terror police waited outside supermarket when knifeman injured seven in rampage because they feared he would spot them in quiet lockdown shopTerrorist roamed supermarket unwatched for 10 minutes before la...

Camden gardener waited 18 years for an allotment

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18 YEAR wait for an allotment: Gardener in Camden was awarded plot after 6690 days with London borough topping the list of longest waiting times in UK, figures showOver 100,000 Britons are waiting for a plot, as dema...

‘Good news Garywaited outside Windsor for Andrew-Queen crisis talks

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How Prince Andrew took his lawyer 'Good news Gary' to crisis summit with The Queen... but he was forced to wait outside in the carSolicitor Gary Bloxsome, 48, waited in Windsor Castle car park amid crisis talks He w...

GENADE OP DIE GEVAL: Ek het gewag 9 hours for RAC after my car broke down

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GENADE OP DIE GEVAL: I waited for the RAC for nine hours after my classic Ford Thunderbird broke down but it still hasn't paid my expensesA driver realised his gearbox wasn't working properly in his classic car He pul...

Mother left screaming in pain as she waited 10 hours for an ambulance

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Frail elderly mother is left screaming in pain as she waited TEN hours for an ambulance ‘which should have arrived within 18 minutes’ after her desperate son was told ‘there were none available’Stuart Donald's 'frail...

Seuntjie, 8, waited months for brain surgery in NHS clerical error

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Mother tells how she had to save her eight-year-old son's life after MRI scan showing an aggressive brain tumour was lost in the NHS - and then he had to wait MONTHS for operation due to pandemicRhonda Josephs, 44, s ...