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Ronaldo’s driver waits SEVEN hours in failed bid to fuel his Bentley

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Cristiano Ronaldo's driver queues for SEVEN hours for petrol for football star's £220,000 Bentley but has to admit defeatBentley Flying Spur pulled into Shell garage in Wilmslow, Cheshire Wednesday Manchester United ...

Australia to rent nuclear submarines from US as it waits for new ones

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Australia poised to rent nuclear submarines in just a few years while it waits up to two decades for new fleet to be built with help from Britain and the USAustralia in AUKUS security pact which includes building nuc...

Goose waits outside wildlife center as mate undergoes foot surgery

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Wild goose taps window while anxiously waiting outside wildlife center for injured mate to have foot surgeryOn Tuesday, staff members at the Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts noticed that a goose named 'Arnold' w...

Baffled border terrier Cookie waits patiently outside open glass door

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Let me in! Baffled border terrier Cookie waits patiently outside until he finally realises glass door is OPENSarah Watson, 25, uit Skotland, shared video of deaf dog Cookie on Monday He sits outside open glass door...

Outrage as grandfather, 71, waits three hours for an ambulance

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Cancer stricken grandfather, 71, is left lying on floor in rain for THREE HOURS while waiting for ambulance after suffering suspected broken legDavid Kilgallon, 71, collapsed at the back of his home in Batley, West Y...

Cockapoo Doyle waits to have his feet wiped

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Paw-fect manners! Cockapoo Doyle waits to have his feet wiped every time he comes in from the garden Doyle the cockapoo waits on mat near back door after coming in from garden The canine lifts his paws and waits for...