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Ben Wallace says UK troops returning to Afghanistan ‘not on the cards

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'It's sad the West has done what it's done after 20 years of sacrifice': Defence Secretary Ben Wallace breaks down as he admits 'some people won't get back' from Afghanistan but vows to fly hundreds of Afghans out in...

Ben Wallace tops key poll of who Tory members want as next leader

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Ben Wallace tops key poll of who Tory members want as next leader to replace Boris after Defence Secretary's popularity surges during Ukraine war – while Penny Mordaunt is also highly-favoured but Rishi Sunak plummet...

Ioan Gruffudd’s new girlfriend Bianca Wallace returns to Instagram

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Ioan Gruffudd's new girlfriend Bianca Wallace returns to Instagram after making her first public appearance with Welsh star... as his estranged wife Alice Evans brushes off romance with playful videoEvans, 53, confir...

Ben Wallace: Putin ‘could declare war on the world’s Nazis

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Putin 'could declare war on the world's Nazis' on Victory Day: UK predicts Russia will use parade on 9 May to announce mass mobilisation of reserves for final push in Ukraine to defeat West's support for KyivEach yea...

Ben Wallace insists ‘not seats wastedon RAF flights out of Kabul

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'We haven't sent out a single empty plane so far': Ben Wallace insists 'not one seat is wasted' on RAF flights out of Kabul despite scenes of carnage at airport - met 250 more families set to be evacuated todayBen W...

Gregg Wallace suspects son Sid is autistic

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Gregg Wallace, 57, reveals he and his wife Anna, 35, suspect their son, 2, is autistic because he's non-verbal - but he's a 'happy boy' and they're 'excited not concerned' about his future Gregg Wallace has revealed ...

Ben Wallace beskuldig Poetin van 'sprokiesverhaal'’ aansprake oor bedreiging van NAVO

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Ben Wallace beskuldig Poetin van 'sprokies'-aansprake oor bedreiging deur NAVO, aangesien hy sweer dat Rusland OP is met presisiewapens en nie in staat sal wees om te hervul nie. Ben Wallace het Vladimir Poetin van 'sprokies'-aansprake beskuldig..

BEN WALLACE: We have no time to lose to get people out of Afghanistan

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DEFENCE SECRETARY BEN WALLACE: The American deadline is looming... we have no time to lose to get people out For everyone involved, the last few months have been an exhausting, worrying and demanding time. The unedif...

Ioan Gruffudd’s ex Alice Evans slams star’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace

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'She wants to put a stake in my heart': Ioan Gruffudd's ex Alice Evans slams star's girlfriend Bianca Wallace for posting 'sick' loved-up couple snap - and reveals actor collected his belongings from former marital h...

Ben Wallace maak 'n geheime besoek aan Kiev 'n Britte wat tereggestel word

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Ben Wallace, minister van verdediging, bring 'n geheime besoek aan Kiev terwyl die premier die Russiese gevolmagtigde hof se 'afgryslike' doodsvonnis veroordeel vir twee Britte wat gevange geneem is terwyl hulle saam met die Oekraïne-magte geveg het..

Ben Wallace rebukes ‘confusedPen Farthing over Kabul plane bid

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'I'm not prepared to prioritise pets over people': Ben Wallace rebukes 'confused' Pen Farthing after former Royal Marine complained that charter flight to take his staff and rescue animals out of Kabul is being block...

Bianca Wallace reveals she has ‘aggressive’ Ten tyde van die skryf van die egpaar se dogters Ella

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'By 25 I didn't know if I'd walk again': Ioan Gruffudd's girlfriend Bianca Wallace reveals she has 'aggressive' multiple sclerosis which has left her with a tremor and partial blindnessThe actress, 29, na Instag geneem ...

Peter Phillips en Lindsay Wallace steel weer show by Royal Ascot

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Peter Phillips ontduik die reëndruppels saam met sy olie-erfgenaam, Lindsay Wallace op die laaste dag van Royal Ascot nadat sy optogrit geniet het. Me Wallace het in 'n pragtige, figuur-koester rok weer ...

Ben Wallace attacks ‘bulliesover Pen Farthing’s animal rescue

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Ben Wallace goes on furious rant at 'bullies' who 'threatened' MoD staff over Pen Farthing's animal rescue flight and says it is a 'total myth' it was blocked – as Boris denies he intervenedMr Wallace lashed out at '...

Wallace & Gromit set to return for new film in 2024

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Wallace & Gromit set to return for new film in 2024 as BBC confirm first special in over a decade Wallace & Gromit are returning to the screen once more, over a decade after their last special A Matter Of Loaf An...

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