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BEN WALLACE: We have no time to lose to get people out of Afghanistan

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DEFENCE SECRETARY BEN WALLACE: The American deadline is looming... we have no time to lose to get people out For everyone involved, the last few months have been an exhausting, worrying and demanding time. The unedif...

Ben Wallace: Putin ‘could declare war on the world’s Nazis

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Putin 'could declare war on the world's Nazis' on Victory Day: UK predicts Russia will use parade on 9 May to announce mass mobilisation of reserves for final push in Ukraine to defeat West's support for KyivEach yea...

Ben Wallace insists ‘not seats wastedon RAF flights out of Kabul

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'We haven't sent out a single empty plane so far': Ben Wallace insists 'not one seat is wasted' on RAF flights out of Kabul despite scenes of carnage at airport - met 250 more families set to be evacuated todayBen W...

Ben Wallace apologises after Afghan interpreter data breach

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Ben Wallace reveals the UK has been unable to contact eight Afghan interpreters who were left behind when the Kabul airlift ended as he apologises for 'unacceptable' MOD data breach which revealed names of hundreds o...

Ben Wallace beskuldig Poetin van 'sprokiesverhaal'’ aansprake oor bedreiging van NAVO

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Ben Wallace beskuldig Poetin van 'sprokies'-aansprake oor bedreiging deur NAVO, aangesien hy sweer dat Rusland OP is met presisiewapens en nie in staat sal wees om te hervul nie. Ben Wallace het Vladimir Poetin van 'sprokies'-aansprake beskuldig..

Jessie Wallace KEEPS her job as she breaks cover following her arrest

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BBC bosses issue Jessie Wallace with 'clear warning' but she KEEPS her job as she's breaks cover for first time since arrest: Eastenders star is spotted outside London home after she 'kneed police officer in groin' i...

Jessie Wallace expresses ‘regretand is warned by BBC after arrest

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'She needs to step back': Jessie Wallace expresses 'deep regret' as she is warned by BBC chiefs and urged to 'slow down' by pals after arrest for allegedly assaulting a police officerJessie Wallace has been warned by...

Ben Wallace: West’s efforts to stop Russia ‘has a whiff of Munich

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Ukraine crisis 'has a whiff of Munich': UK defence minister Ben Wallace likens West's efforts to stop Russia's looming invasion to failed appeasement during WWII and warns Putin can 'launch offensive at any time'The ...

Ben Wallace pips Liz Truss to top in Tory popularity poll

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Ben Wallace pips Liz Truss to top in popularity poll as his stance on Ukraine sees him soar up Tory listDefence Secretary Ben Wallace has ended Foreign Secretary Liz Truss' reign For a year, she was top of monthly pa...

Ben Wallace warns Putin intends to invade the WHOLE of Ukraine

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Ben Wallace warns Putin intends to invade the WHOLE of Ukraine but claims Russia has FAILED to meet its initial military objectives and is 'behind schedule' as Boris Johnson tells Cabinet that Moscow's 'cynical and b...

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Video: EastEnders-ster Jessie Wallace in hegtenis geneem vir 'aanval van die polisie’

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EKSKLUSIEF: Oomblik wat die EastEnders-ster Jessie Wallace gearresteer word omdat sy polisiebeamptes dronk aangeval het ná 'n aand met drank-brandstof by die klub.EastEnders-aktrise Jessie Wallace is gister in Bury St Edmunds in hegtenis geneem. 5...

Ioan Gruffudd’s ex Alice Evans slams star’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace

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'She wants to put a stake in my heart': Ioan Gruffudd's ex Alice Evans slams star's girlfriend Bianca Wallace for posting 'sick' loved-up couple snap - and reveals actor collected his belongings from former marital h...

EastEnders fans call for Jessie Wallace to be ‘SACKEDafter arrest

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'She clearly has issues but that doesn't excuse her shocking behaviour': EastEnders fans call for Jessie Wallace to be 'SACKED' after she was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officerThe Kat Slater actress, ...

Ben Wallace attacks ‘bulliesover Pen Farthing’s animal rescue

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Ben Wallace goes on furious rant at 'bullies' who 'threatened' MoD staff over Pen Farthing's animal rescue flight and says it is a 'total myth' it was blocked – as Boris denies he intervenedMr Wallace lashed out at '...

Ben Wallace calls Pen Farthing’s friend an ‘armchair amateur

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Ben Wallace slams Pen Farthing's tearful wildlife campaigner friend as an 'armchair amateur' on GMB as furious row over Kabul animal rescue mission deepensDominic Dyer on verge of tears as he told how the former Roya...

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