Etichetta: La tempesta e il mercante di Venezia

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Historian ADAM ZAMOYSKI on the US statesman wanting to sue Putin

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Henry Kissinger's talk of appeasing Russia is the rambling of a foolish has-been: Top historian ADAM ZAMOYSKI gives his withering view of the veteran US statesman who wants to sue for peace with Putin Why on earth d...

Victoria Beckham dice che è un atteggiamento vecchio stile voler essere magri

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«È un atteggiamento vecchio stile, voler essere davvero magro': Victoria Beckham parla delle donne che vogliono apparire "sane e formose" mentre abbellisce la copertina di Grazia Victoria Beckham crede che sia un "vecchio stile a....

Meet the British consortium wanting to pump billions into Chelsea

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An oil tycoon who saved his local team, a banker who worked with UEFA to help clubs survive Covid and a hedge fund manager whose firm bankrolled redevelopment around Wembley Stadium: The consortium wanting to pump bi...

Recensione di Poirot e altro: David Suchet lascia il pubblico desideroso di più

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Poirot e altro di David Suchet è facile da vedere all'Harold Pinter Theatre e lascia il pubblico nella speranza di vederlo in una vera e propria commedia David Suchet: Poirot e altro Teatro Harold Pinter, Londra ...

Come fare un panino caldo incrociato al Caramilk

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Come fare un panino caldo incrociato al Caramilk: Il McDonald's cinese ha le cyclette per i commensali che vogliono bruciare calorie mentre le consumano Il McDonald's cinese ha le cyclette per i commensali che vogliono bruciare calorie Commensali attenti alla salute ca...

EU accuses UK of wanting ‘path of confrontationover Ulster talks

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EU's vice-president accuses UK of wanting 'path of confrontation' over Ulster negotiations after Lord Frost said Brussels was 'destroying cross-community consent' over enforcement of Northern Ireland protocolEuropean...

A man called his partner ‘lazyfor wanting to be stay-at-home wife

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Donna, 33, with no children tells her fiancé she wants to quit work to be a 'stay-at-home wife' because 'working 9-5 isn't for her' - and is furious when he calls her 'lazy' and refuses to 'support her dream'The anon...

Suspect in Tristyn Bailey’s death bragged about wanting to kill

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Teen boy charged with stabbing 13-year-old Florida cheerleader 114 times bragged about wanting to 'stab someone in the woods' - then asked 'how is that my problem?' when her body was discoveredAiden Fucci, 14, was ch...