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German navy chief resigns for saying Putin wants ‘respect

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German navy chief resigns for saying Putin wants 'respect' and giving it to him would be 'low cost' after nation was condemned for refusing to supply weapons to KievVice Admiral Kay-Achim Shoenbach said: 'It is easy ...

Prince Harry ‘wants to be closer to his familyahead of jubilee

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Prince Harry has contacted Prince Charles for 'friendly video calls' and 'wants to be closer to his family' and 'back in the fold' ahead of Queen's jubileePrince Harry has 'reached out to his father' to hold secret t...

Jamie Spears wants Britney’s medical records unsealed

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'Public has the right to know': Jamie Spears asks judge to unseal Britney's medical records and defends himself against 'fake or taken out of context' allegations that he placed a recording device in popstar's bedroo...

Ma van vermoorde Libby Squire wil met haar verdorwe moordenaar gesels

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'Hoe het my dogter gesterf?': Ma van vermoorde Libby Squire wil van aangesig tot aangesig met haar verdorwe moordenaar gesels om te vra wat haar 'laaste woorde' was en uitvind die aand dat hy haar lewe geneem het, Lisa Squire se oudste da..

‘Lady Al Qaeda,’ the woman Texas synagogue hostage-taker wants freed

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'Lady Al Qaeda' the woman Texas synagogue hostage-taker wanted freed: She planned chemical attacks on Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge and demanded juror at her trial be DNA tested to see if they were Jewish...

SARAH VINE: If Prince Harry wants security for the family, ask Netflix

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SARAH VINE: Prins Harry, if you still want security for the family, get your mates at Netflix to shell out for it Prince Harry does pick his moments, doesn't he? Just in case the Queen had temporarily forgotten abo...

York council member wants Prince Andrew to lose Duke of York title

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We don't want him either, says city of York! Calls for Prince Andrew to lose Duke of York title after Queen stripped him of HRH and military ranks in wake of US court rulingDarryl Smalley, senior member of City of Yo...

Grandfather of the baby tossed in dumpster says family wants custody

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EKSKLUSIEF: Grandfather of the New Mexico baby tossed into a dumpster by teen mom, 18, says it is his son's child and that the family will fight for custodyOscar Astorga, 50, confirmed he was the grandfather of the Ne...

RHS wants WEEDS to feature in Chelsea Flower Show

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Chelsea goes native! Flower Show asks participants to go eco-friendly by using hawthorn - or even stinging nettles and other weedsThe Royal Horticultural Society hosts the Chelsea Flower Show each spring This year, ...

PETER HITCHENS: If Blair wants a gong, he can buy an Order of Lenin

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PETER HITCHENS: If Tony Blair wants a gleaming gong, he can buy an Order of Lenin on the internet If we had to mark the precise moment when this country finally disappeared up its own digestive tract, it was the day ...

Julian Assange’s fiancee wants to wed Wikileaks founder in jail

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Julian Assange's fiancee says she wants to wed the Wikileaks founder behind bars this year as he spends his 1,000th day in jailJulian Assange has marked 1,000 days in prison fighting US espionage charges He has suffe...

Macron sê hy wil 'p*** af'’ die ongeënte

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Emmanuel Macron sê hy wil die ongeënte 'afp***' in 'n vuil mond wat belowe om hulle van openbare plekke, insluitend restaurante, te verbied., rolprentteaters en koffiewinkels vanaf volgende week Franse president Emmanuel Macron s...

Die reisbedryf wil hê dat Covid-toetse eindig, want 'Omicron is reeds hier’

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Reisbedryf eis die einde van Covid-toetse vir inkomende toeriste en terugkerende Britte omdat 'Omicron reeds hier is' Reiskenners het vandag gevra dat die duur twee-toets Britse toegangsreëls beëindig word Die tjeks was ...

New Zealand wants to ban smoking for everyone in radical new move

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New Zealand wants to ban smoking for everyone in radical new move... but critics warn that any attempt to introduce similar rules in UK will be 'fiercely resisted'New Zealand will ban future generations from smoking ...

Grange Hill creator Sir Phil Redmond wants anti-vax storyline on TV

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Would YOU watch Corona-nation Street? Grange Hill creator Sir Phil Redmond says a pandemic soap with anti-vax storyline would be 'fantastic drama' but claims broadcasters are too scared of upsetting peopleThe produce...

Travis Scott wants Astroworld lawsuit dismissed, denies responsibility

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Travis Scott asks judge to toss one Astroworld civil lawsuit as dozens pile up, suing him for BILLIONS: Rapper claims he is NOT responsible for the chaos that left 10 people dead and injured hundredsTravis Scott aske...

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