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Il boom dell'eolico e del solare vedrà un enorme surplus di elettricità sprecata

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Presto avremo troppa energia! Il boom dell'energia eolica e solare vedrà così tanta elettricità in eccesso generata 2030 che alcuni andranno sprecati, le previsioni dicono che l'elettricità generata da solare ed eolico è destinata a superare ...

Labour council wasted £77m on ‘Communist planand services blunder

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That's Nott so clever: Labour-run council wasted up to £77m on 'Communist energy plan', services blunder and poor spending choices, figures show'Communist energy plan' cost Nottingham taxpayers tens of millions of po...

I wasted years looking for silver bullet to transform my body

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'I wasted years looking for silver bullet that would transform my body': All her life, DAISY BUCHANAN thought being slim would 'fix' her... but now she has lost four stone, she realises her problem wasn't weight - Alcune persone non pensano che sia tutto finito..

Greggs worker filmed video of ‘mountainsof food wasted every day

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Greggs worker who filmed video of 'mountains' of food going to waste every day at the bakery chain was sacked when it became a massive TikTok hitNicole Iwalowo was fired from the branch in Romford, Londra est, Hawkins e Dave Grohl a un gala dei Grammy a Los Angeles a gennaio.

My mother told me: ‘I have wasted 16 years raising you

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My mother told me: ‘I have wasted 16 years raising you — it would have been better if you hadn’t been born' So how, as mum to a daughter herself, did Diane learn to forgive the woman who abandoned her?Diane Danvers S...

Teen girl says bus driver who refused to let her on wasted police time

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Esclusivo: Teen girl, 16, says 'stubborn' bus driver who refused to let her board a bus 'showed no compassion' and wasted police time after an intervening officer was forced to drive her homeEleanor Hockney, 16, condividere...

How the US wasted billions in Afghanistan with bungled projects

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$549 million in planes sold as scrap, melting buildings, un $176 million road to nowhere and $28 million on camouflage that ‘looked good’ but didn’t match the terrain: How the US wasted billions in Afghanistan with bu...

Ben Wallace insists ‘not seats wastedon RAF flights out of Kabul

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'We haven't sent out a single empty plane so far': Ben Wallace insists 'not one seat is wasted' on RAF flights out of Kabul despite scenes of carnage at airport - con 250 more families set to be evacuated todayBen W...