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Emu chases a pack of seagulls at a roadside stop in Western Australia

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Bizarre moment an angry emu declares war on a pack of pesky seagulls as holidaymakers lap up the game of chaseA fiesty emu is filmed taking on a pack of seagulls in Exmouth, Western Australia Amused locals at a cara...

China mining social media to harvest data on western targets

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China mines social media sites including Twitter and Facebook to equip its military and government agencies with data on Western targets, bidding documents revealChina is mining social media sites, including Facebook...

Western Sydney woman shares her inspiring journey to recovery

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How a young woman went from being a successful real estate agent who owned her own home to an ice addict living on the streets - and you won't believe what got her to check into rehabJessica Gaddes opens up about her...

Sweden now has Western Europe’s LOWEST Covid infection rate

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Anti-lockdown Sweden now has Western Europe's LOWEST Covid infection rate despite wave rolling across the continent — after Swedes were told they don't need to be tested if they're double-vaccinatedOxford University-...

Man sterf deur selfmoord nadat hy 'n motor oor die westelike rand van Grand Canyon gery het

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Man maak homself dood deur motor van die Grand Canyon se westelike rand af te ry, dit is 4,000 voet hoog 'n Ongeïdentifiseerde man het na bewering Woensdag met sy motor van die rand van Grand Canyon-Wes af gery in 'n skynbare Lea Cooper, mark...

Gardners grow 2.6kg monster lemon in East Fremantle, Wes-Australië

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Chef is given an incredible 'monster' lemon the length of a FOREARM by a couple who grew it in their backyard - and reveals the recipe she followed to use all 2.6 kilos of itWest Australian gardeners have grown a meg...

JOHN HUMPHRYS: Will we learn we can’t impose Western values by force?

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JOHN HUMPHRYS: Our troops who served in Afghanistan are heroes, but now will we learn that we cannot impose our Western values at the barrel of a gun? From every great disaster there is an image that sums up its horr...

Firefight ‘involving western forces erupts at Kabul airport

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Brandbestryding op die lughawe in Kaboel: One Afghan soldier is killed and three wounded in battle between gunmen and US and German forcesThe German military shared reports of gun battle and casualties on social media One Afghan g...

Victorian Great Western Railway train carriage goes up for auction

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Branch line! Victorian Great Western Railway train carriage left to rot under trees in field for nearly 100 years goes up for auction for £10,000 The Great Western Railway First Class carriage has now gone up for auc...

Afghanistan ex-president angrily blasts ‘failedWestern invasion

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Afghanistan's first post-invasion president angrily blasts US, Brittanje, Australia and allies for bringing 20 years of war to his country only to leave in defeat with the murderous Taliban poised to retake controlHami...

Pair of swans glide along Grand Western Canal with brood of 10 cygnets

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Spieël, cygnet, manouevre! Pair of proud swan parents glide along the Grand Western Canal in Devon with their brood of 10 adorable babiesPair of swans spotted with babies along Grand Western Canal in Tiverton, Devon ...

Woman tries to save 80-acre Old Western village in Texas

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Last chance saloon for Old Western town as bulldozers circle: Bid to save estate made up of 21 geboue - all from 1800s - and a bank that was robbed by Bonnie and ClydeThe organization that ran the ranch, River Ran...

Richard Nixon’s former ‘Western White Houserelist for $65,000,000

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President Richard Nixon's nine-bedroom 'Western White House' where he retreated after the Watergate scandal to write his memoirs goes on the market again for $65 million after failing to sell for six yearsThe 5.45 ac ...

TikToker het met Westelike Sydney gespot nadat sy werk opgeskort is

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Hoe 'n glansryke geleentheidsbestuurder wat haar werk in die pandemie verloor het, tot TikTok-roem verrys het, het die Westerse voorstede-kultuur van Sydney bespot - en nou 'n bestaan ​​maak uit haar komedievideo's..

Chinese artist mocks Western criticism of human rights abuses

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Chinese propaganda artist mocks Western criticism of human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims with illustration of 'BBC News journalist' in white hood, cotton-picking slaves and kneeling police officerDigital image...

Vragmotorbestuurder ploeg in drie muggers, twee doodmaak, in die weste van Mexiko

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Waarnemingskamera vang vragmotorbestuurder wat drie mans doelbewus aanry, twee doodmaak, na 'hulle hom met 'n geweer oorval' in Mexiko WAARSKUWING GRAFIESE INHOUD Owerhede in Jalisco, Mexiko, 'n vragmotorbestuurder in hegtenis geneem ...

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