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‘We really got into the spiritespecially the local whisky!’

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'We really got into the spirit... especially the local whisky!' Celebs speak about braving rain and blisters for a spiritual awakening in the latest series of PilgrimageNick Hewer, 78, joins six other celebrities on ...

Die vreugdes van Oban, Die vreugdes van Oban

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Boonop is daar 'n goed gevulde kroeg wat 'n indruk gee van weelde wat in 'n statige huis verwag kan word: Boonop is daar 'n goed gevulde kroeg wat 'n indruk gee van weelde wat in 'n statige huis verwag kan word, home to one of the oldest whisky distilleries in Scotland and a perfect base for exploring the country's western islandsTom Chesshyre took in the view of Oban from the 'incr...

Die viering aandete… Die viering aandete: Die viering aandete

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Die viering aandete. Die viering aandete: Caramel whisky pear cake As decadent as it is comforting – perfect for ringing in a feel-good New Year. CARAMEL 75g salted butter, plus extra for greasing 150g soft lig...

Diageo launches £185m Edinburgh whisky emporium

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Diageo launches £185m Edinburgh whisky emporium on former site of Binns department store Edinburgh has acquired a new landmark with the opening of the Johnnie Walker whisky emporium on the historic site once occupied...

Scotch on from shipwreck that inspired Whisky Galore sells

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That's dram expensive! Rare bottle of Scotch the Mail salvaged from the shipwreck that inspired the film Whisky Galore sells for record £12,925The sum is thought to be the highest ever paid at auction for a bottle of...

US drops whisky, cashmere and Stilton tariffs after UK EU charge split

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VS verlaag tariewe op whisky, cashmere and Stilton as trade deal with Britain inches closer - two months after Liz Truss axed fees on American importsUS said millions worth of tariffs on Scotch and other goods would be...

Truss will ‘lobby Biden to drop punitive tariffs on Scotch whisky

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Liz Truss will 'jump on a plane as soon as possible to lobby Joe Biden to drop punitive tariffs on Scotch whisky'Truss will ‘jump on a plane to the US as soon as she can’ to lobby President Biden Scotch whisky indust...

Britain hopes to end American tariffs on scotch whisky exports

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UK makes bid to win over Joe Biden with plan to cut tariffs on US goods in return for an end to damaging American tax on Scotch whiskyBritain wants to end tariffs arising from a longstanding US and EU trade conflict ...