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Holidaymaker, 39, killed by great white shark in South Africa

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Holidaymaker, 39, is killed by great white shark in shallow water off coast of South Africa during early morning swim to celebrate bank holidayThe 39-year-old woman was in the shallows when a shark grabbed her in its ...

Sir Elton John becomes emotional as he performs at the White House

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Sir Elton John, 75, becomes emotional as he is presented with a National Humanities Medal by President Joe Biden after performing at the White House Sir Elton John became emotional on Friday evening as he was presente...

Great white shark with GPS tracker ‘drawsan incredible SELF-PORTRAIT

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Fin-cent Van Gogh! Great white shark fitted with a GPS tracker 'draws' an incredible SELF-PORTRAIT while swimming the Atlantic OceanBreton is a great white shark that was tagged in 2020 by OCEARCH mission Whenever he ...

White House says Putin’s nuclear threat is ‘irresponsible

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White House says Putin's nuclear threat is 'irresponsible' and the mobilization of 300,000 reservists show he's 'struggling', has 'terrible morale' and is sending the wounded back to fight in Ukraine as Biden prepares...

Elusivo orso nero BIANCO visto sfrecciare sulla telecamera del sentiero del Michigan

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Non il tuo orso medio! Elusivo orso nero BIANCO - conosciuto dai nativi americani come un 'orso spirituale' - visto giocare sulla telecamera del sentiero del Michigan L'orso di 100 libbre è stato avvistato nella penisola superiore occidentale, una regione del G...