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Weduwee se angs dat paspoortchaos kan beteken dat dogters Disney-reis mis

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EKSKLUSIEF: 'Ek kan nie vir hulle sê hulle gaan nie': Bedroefde vrou, 37, deel angs as paspoort-agterstand-chaos beteken jong dogters staar vermiste droom Disneyland-reis in die gesig wat deur fondsinsamelings betaal is ná hul pa se tragiese....

‘I want Putin deadRICHARD PENDLEBURY hears an elderly widow’s rage

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'I want Putin dead. Look at what they do': RICHARD PENDLEBURY hears an elderly widow's howl of rage as missile flattens new shopping mall near KyivA shopping centre in Kyiv is thought to have been destroyed by a ball...

Widow’s captivating story of finding love in her 80s goes viral

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Weduwee, 86, who thought she'd never find love again captivates the internet with story of how she fell for a retired bookseller, 89, after bumping into him outside a grocery store - 40 YEARS after they first met at a ...

State pension error that caused widows to lose £100k-plus occurs again

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State pension error that caused widows to lose £100k-plus happens again to a newly-bereaved woman - AFTER we exposed DWP scandalChristina Hood, 80, lost her husband last August and his state pension stopped She faile...

Widow’s plans to be buried with her late husband thwarted by CoE

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Grieving widow's plans to be buried with her late husband are thwarted after her request to exhume and cremate his body is refused for going against Church philosophySusan Richardson arranged for her husband to be bu...