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102-year-old magician receives and MBE from Prince William

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Bibbidi-MBE-boo! Magician, 102, delights with a magic trick after receiving honour for charitable fundraising from Prince WilliamHenry Lewis, a 102-year-old magician, received a MBE at Windsor Castle today Performer...

Prince William attends funeral for polo teacher Claire Tomlinson

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Prince William's last farewell to former polo teacher: Duke of Cambridge was among 200 friends and family at funeral of coach who taught him and brother Prince Harry from an early ageDuke of Cambridge attends funeral...

Portraitist Nicky Phillips on Princes William & Harry being ‘so close

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EKSKLUSIEF: 'Those were the days!' Portraitist Nicky Phillips reflects on Princes William and Harry being 'so close' before royal rift in Keeping Up with the Aristocrats Artist Nicky Philipps warmly recalls a time whe...

Heartbreaking ordeal of boy who was comfort by Prince William:

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Heartbreaking ordeal of grieving schoolboy comforted by Prince William: Deacon Glover, 11, lost his 'vivacious and caring' drug addict mother who lived a 'chaotic life' after she overdosed on heroin last yearPrince W...

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit l in Lancashire

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Cuddly Kate! Duchess of Cambridge can't hide her smiles as she snuggles therapy cockapoo Alfie against her £349 Massimo Dutti coat during a visit to a Lancashire hospital with Prince WilliamThe Duke, 39, and Duchess ...

Prince William stays silent when asked if he supports Prince Andrew

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William refuses to back scandal-hit Andrew: Prince brushes off reporter's question when asked if he still supports his uncle - days after demanding his titles were strippedPrince William declined to comment today as ...

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit the Foundling Museum

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New Year navy! Kate Middleton wraps up in an elegant winter coat with £7 Accessorize earrings and her favourite £130 Jigsaw trousers as she joins Prince William for their first joint engagement of 2022 at The Foundli...

William ‘didn’t want to attend Diana statue unveiling with Harry

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'Furious' Prince William 'didn't want to attend Princess Diana statue unveiling with Harry' after Oprah interview - but 'peacemaker' Kate Middleton was 'amazing' at uniting the brothers behind the scenes, sources cla...

Prince William ‘frustrationat failure to rescue more Afghans

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Prince William tells of 'frustration' at failure to rescue more Afghans after Kabul withdrawal and tells refugees they 'couldn't be more welcome' in BritainPrince William told 'frustration' UK failed to get more peop...

Inside Cambridges’ Kersfees: Prince William gifted Kate a ‘bracelet

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Inside the Cambridges' Christmas: Prince William gifted Kate a 'beautiful bracelet', while it was a camping kit for George, a video camera for Charlotte and a climbing frame for Louis, a source tells US WeeklyWilliam...

Die etiketkenner William Hanson 2021 Bad Manners-toekennings

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Die 2021 Bad Manners-toekennings: Die etiketkenner William Hanson onthul sy ergste oortreders - van Martin Lewis wat GMB aanbied sonder 'n das aan 'skynheilige' Tilly Ramsay Etiketkenner William Hanson onthul die ontvanger..

William Shatner, 90, avoids injury in car crash while driving in LA

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Shields up, Scotty! Star Trek legend William Shatner, 90, avoids injury in car crash while driving around LA... after recently returning from spaceShatner was involved in a minor car collision in the Studio City area...

Prince William catches Kate’s eye for a secret smile

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Remembering their big day? Prince William catches Kate's eye for a secret smile as they watch their wedding singer Ellie Goulding perform at the Westminster Abbey carol concertWilliam and Kate shared a loving look as...

Photographer spots William Shakespeare’s face in a cloud

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Well he DID write The Tempest! Stunned mother spots William Shakespeare's face in a cloud while photographing lightningShaquira Hobbs snapped the unusual cloud in Booragul, New South Wales The clouds had formed into ...

Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘taking the leadin Royal Family

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are 'taking the lead' and 'acting like a bridge' to help younger generations connect to the Queen, royal expert claimsKate Middleton and Prince William, albei 39, are 'taking the lead...

Prins William en Kate Middleton vrygelaat 2021 Kersfees kaart

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Geseënde vakansies! Prins William en Kate Middleton poseer saam met hul drie kinders op 'n gesinsuitstappie na Jordanië vroeër vanjaar vir 2021 Kerskaartjie Die hertog en hertogin van Cambridge het aanhangers verheug oor die vertoning..

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