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Paralysed Afghan toddler injured during withdrawal trapped by red tape

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Paralysed Afghan toddler injured during chaotic withdrawal is trapped by red tape despite civil servants promising to help himParalysed toddler endured another week in agony despite reassurances of help Navid, twee, w ...

Major General ‘struggled with Britain’s Afghanistan withdrawal

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Former head of the Royal Marines was struggling to cope with Britain’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in weeks before suicide, friends sayMajor General Matthew Holmes CBE was tragically found dead on Saturday Holmes too...

23-year-old woman reveals the hell of steroid cream withdrawal

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Vrou, 23, reveals she 'attempted to end her life' after being left suffering extreme pain, insomnia and nerve damage while weaning herself off steroid cream after her skin became 'addicted'Keri Campbell, 23, from C...

Biden says chaotic Kabul withdrawal was a SUCCESS

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Biden says chaotic Kabul withdrawal was a SUCCESS: President says he couldn't start evacuation sooner, hails the 90% of Americans he got out and again blames Trump and local soldiers for the messPresident Joe Biden d...

Trump eis dat Biden om verskoning vra dat hy die onttrekking van Afghanistan verneder het

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Trump eis dat Biden Amerika om verskoning vra vir sy 'vernederende' onttrekking uit Afghanistan, omdat hy op sy horlosie gekyk het tydens die oordrag van gedood troepe en om die Taliban een van die magtigste magte in die woestyn te maak..

MPs criticise ‘out of his depthJoe Biden over Afghanistan withdrawal

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'This is what defeat looks like': MPs' fury at 'out of his depth' Joe Biden as they warn the UK could face 'biggest hostage crisis it has ever seen' as Kabul evacuation mission draws to a close with 1,000 eligible Af...

Biden’s aides ‘afraidto quiz him over run-up to US Afghan withdrawal

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Joe Biden's aides were 'too afraid' to quiz him and his national security adviser Jake Sullivan over key decisions made in run-up to US withdrawal from AfghanistanBiden's aides were 'too afraid' to quiz him over deci...

UK forces chief Nick Carter swipes at Joe Biden over US withdrawal

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UK forces chief Nick Carter hits out at Joe Biden for abrupt US withdrawal that 'shattered' Afghan morale among their soldiers who had 'fought very bravely' until the West walked outGeneral Sir Nick Carter said abrup...

Trump blasts Biden’s handling of Afghan withdrawal

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'The greatest embarrassment in American history': Trump slams Biden's Afghan withdrawal shambles, defends HIS deal with the Taliban and says warlords could now have thousands of US hostages: President arrives back to...

Marine in iconic Taliban firefight photo criticizes troop withdrawal

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EKSKLUSIEF: US Marine in iconic Taliban firefight photo says government didn’t learn a thing from Saigon as Kabul crumbles and doesn’t care about the 2,378 Americans killed in Afghanistan or the locals who have been a...

Former US forces commander calls Afghanistan withdrawal ‘catastrophic

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'Biden has to own this': Former commander of US forces in Afghanistan David Patraeus says withdrawal is 'catastrophic for the US', a 'serious mistake' and an 'enormous national security setback'President Joe Biden sa...

‘Weakness begets war’: Pompeo says Afghan withdrawal puts US at risk

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'Weakness begets war': Pompeo says Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal puts US at greater risk of terror attacks as Taliban seizes Kandahar and Lashkar Gar and president sends in 3,000 troops to evacuate embassyMike Pompe...

Simone Biles thanks fans for ‘love and supportafter Tokyo withdrawal

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'I'm more than gymnastics': Simone Biles thanks fans for their 'love and support' as she breaks her silence after shock withdrawal from individual all-around final at the OlympicsSimone Biles thanked her fans in a tw...

Ex-Afghan soldier on Taliban ‘kill listwarns of Army’s withdrawal

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Ex-Afghan soldier on the Taliban's 'kill list' warns British Army's withdrawal has left civilians in an 'uncontrollable fire' and feeling 'hopeless' as Islamists sweep across the countryEXCLUSIVE: Afghan's 'afraid fo...

Tory MP Tom Tugendhat slams British Army for Afghanistan withdrawal

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'Stripped down' British Army can no longer endure conflicts abroad Tory MP Tom Tugendhat warns as he slams Afghanistan withdrawal while Taliban sweep across the countryTom Tugendhat has blasted military chiefs over t...

Halep is dae ná Wimbledon-onttrekking deur NHS Track and Trace gekontak

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Simona Halep is enkele dae ná haar onttrekking in Wimbledon deur NHS Track and Trace gekontak ná 'n positiewe saak in Covid op haar vlug na Londen.. met die afwesigheid van die verdedigende kampioen, wat die kampioenskappe van die volgende kant af gered het..

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