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Electric Mercedes Vision EQXX completes 747-mile trip without charging

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One charge wonder: Mercedes Vision EQXX driven 747 miles from Stuttgart to Silverstone and sets new record for longest electric car journey without rechargingElectric trek across Europe took 14.5 hours split across t...

Now Ukrainian minors CAN get UK visa without parents after U-turn

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Now Ukrainian minors CAN get a visa to come to UK without their parents after Government U-turnThousands of unaccompanied youngsters will be able to apply to come to the UK They will need permission from their parent...

People without rhythm may have their GENES to blame, studie toon

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Got two left feet? People who struggle to move in time to the beat may have their GENES to blame, study showsOur ability to move in time to a beat is related to our genes, experts have found They performed a study to...

Neighbours angry with couple’s veranda move out without saying a word

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Neighbours get so angry with couple's makeshift back garden veranda that they move out without saying a wordAlexandra Adams and husband Cev were puzzled by their neighbour's behaviour They say after the veranda was p...

Davos gets underway without Russia after ban over war in Ukraine

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Global elites return to Davos - but Russians are BARRED from the World Economic Forum which will focus on tackling the impact of the Ukraine warFour-day economic summit at Davos, in Switserland, gets underway today C...

Uni graduates have DOUBLE the personal debt than those without degrees

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Graduates have TWICE as much personal debt post-University as those with no degree, as student loans make them 'comfortable' borrowing moneyAverage university grad takes out £12k in credit or other debt post-universi...

E.ON boss warns 40% of homes face fuel poverty without government help

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E.ON boss warns 40% of households are facing fuel poverty unless government intervenes - and says energy price cap could hit £2,800 by October as cost-of-living crisis grips UKMichael Lewis, CEO of E.ON, said the ris...

Klopp says Liverpool fans wouldn’t boo Prince William ‘without reason

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'They wouldn't boo if there was no reason': Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp sparks Downing Street fury as he DEFENDS 'wonderful' fans who jeered God Save the Queen and Prince William at WembleyLiverpool manager Jurgen Kl...

Finland’s leaders announce they must join NATO ‘without delay

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Finland's leaders announce intention to join NATO and say the country must apply for membership 'without delay' in wake of Russia's Ukraine invasionPresident Sauli Niinisto and PM Sanna Marin announced joint statemen...

How to renovate your kitchenwithout breaking the bank

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Tips and tricks for a kitchen refresh: There's no need to spend a fortune on transforming the most popular room in the homeKitchen redesigns can easily become very expensive – but they don't need to be Adding custom ...

Brits paying £147 for passport have money taken without booking made

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Now Passport Office's fast track service collapses as well: Holidaymakers paying £147 for quick renewals are having money taken but getting no appointment as website crashesSome travellers have had the £147 payment t...

ALEXANDRA SHULMAN: My boodskap van hoop aan vroue wat sonder HVT leef

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ALEXANDRA SHULMAN SE NOTABOEK: My boodskap van hoop aan vroue wat sonder HVT leef Die HVT-tekort veroorsaak paniek onder vroue wat bekommerd is oor die mis van 'n dosis of moontlik 'n paar weke se voorraad. die dag toe ek opgehou het om te gee oor wat ander mense dink, Ek kan 'n ligte aanbied...

PC who appeared on Nigerian Big Brother without permission keeps job

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Met policewoman 'who had sex' while appearing on Nigerian version of Big Brother without permission is allowed to keep her job as she is given final written warningPC Khafilat Kareem appeared on the Nigerian version ...

PM’s support for Ukraine ‘wouldn’t have been possible without Brexit

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Boris Johnson's 'extraordinary leadership' in supporting Ukraine would NOT have been possible if Britain was still part of the EU, says Brexit minister Jacob Rees-MoggUK assistance to Ukraine is a 'monument of our fr...

Thousands without cards as Funky Pigeon stop orders after cyber-attack

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'Guess it'll have to be Moonpig instead!' Thousands of furious customers left without birthday cards and gifts as Funky Pigeon SUSPENDS orders after being hit by a cyber-attack amid fears personal details may have be...

Plan om ketels met hittepompe te vervang kan £115BILJOEN kos’ Plan om ketels met hittepompe te vervang kan £115BILJOEN kos

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Plan om ketels met hittepompe te vervang kan £115BILJOEN kos.

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