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Iranian woman jailed after eating breakfast without headscalf

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Iranian woman pictured eating breakfast without a headscarf is arrested and thrown into jail that held Nazanin Zaghari-RatcliffeThe image was posted on Donya Rad's Twitter and spread across social media She has since ...

Running the London Marathon without training could be possible

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You CAN run a marathon without training... but you REALLY shouldn't! With London's prestigious event now just days away, experts urge runners not to 'do a Jedward'Celebrities claim to have completed marathons without ...

Hurricane Ian updates LIVE: 2 million without power across Florida

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Hurricane Ian updates LIVE: Death toll rises to 13 and over 700 Floridians are already rescued as locals brace for ANOTHER 'life-threatening' storm surge that could hit Georgia and South Carolina Tropical Storm Ian is...

Met Officer ‘threatened to have sex with colleague without consent

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Met Police officer 'told female colleague, "if you're asleep you can't say no" and stopped her from leaving his home after she refused to have sex with him'Former Met officer Luis Tickner has been accused of sexual mi...

One in eight people might have blood pressure without knowing

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Why you could have high blood pressure and not even know it! One in eight adults suffer spikes at NIGHT that are missed by daytime readings, study suggestsFifteen per cent of adults aged 40 to 75 had high blood pressu...