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La pornostar diventata dipendente di Taco Bell afferma di essere stata licenziata per un lavoro precedente

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La porno star dell'Arkansas che ha iniziato a lavorare alla Taco Bell per pagare le bollette durante la pandemia afferma di essere stata licenziata dopo che un `` cliente timorato di Dio '' l'ha riconosciuta e si è lamentata.Lonna Wells afferma di aver iniziato a lavorare al ...

Il video esilarante mostra l'operaio di Taco Bell che si tuffa nel lavandino l'ultimo giorno

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Via d'acqua da percorrere! Il dipendente di Taco Bell lancia palle di cannone nel lavandino nel suo ultimo giorno in cucina nel video virale di TikTokSteven Pauley, 20, dalla Virginia dell'Ovest, ha finito il suo ultimo turno al Taco Bell in grande Si è filmato...

Nella foto: Bronx construction worker shot dead by man at work

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Nella foto: Construction flagger, 52, shot dead by jealous handyman, 66, who 'exploded' when he learned she had a boyfriendLizbeth Mass, 52, was shot and killed by Jose Reyes, 66, on Wednesday Lizbeth was working on C...

L'ex lavoratore Mercedes-Benz va in un'incredibile baldoria di demolizioni da 5 milioni di sterline

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L'ex lavoratore scontento della Mercedes-Benz fa un'incredibile baldoria di 5 milioni di sterline nella fabbrica spagnola dove lavorava - distruggendo 69 furgoni con JCB rubato e che si fermano solo quando la guardia di sicurezza apre il fuoco.

Amazon worker leaves people in hysterics with her ‘sassyreply

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Amazon shopper left in stitches by 'sassy' customer services rep who replied with LOL when she complained that her parcel had gone missingLucy Harrison, da Bristol, contacted Amazon after she couldn't find her parc...

L'addetto al dettaglio trasforma la Fiat 500 nel "camper più piccolo del mondo"’

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Operaio al dettaglio che non poteva permettersi un camper trasforma la sua Fiat rosa 500 nel "camper van più piccolo del mondo" per soli £ 150 - ma è così piccolo che non c'è spazio per il suo ragazzoHannah Hughes, 26, da Birmingham,...

‘Serial killerhealthcare worker formally charged with 17 omicidi

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'Serial killer' healthcare worker, 48, accused of 'smothering 14 elderly women to death and robbing them' is charged with three more killings - and is being investigated for 1,000 deaths and attacksBilly Chemirmir, 4...

Former Topshop worker spills the beans about boss Sir Philip Green

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Topshop worker at London's flagship store claims owner Sir Philip Green had the code name 'Papa One' and 'ran it with an iron grip of fear and berated staff if anything was out of place'Writer Hanna Flint told how sh...

Il lavoratore si uccide saltando in una fornace in Cina dopo aver perso £ 6k

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Steelworker kills himself by jumping into furnace at Chinese factory after losing £6,000 in a day on the stock marketWang Long, 34, was captured throwing himself into furnace in Inner Mongolia Haunting last image sh...

Frontline worker becomes the first black Miss Ireland

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Frontline worker, 26, becomes the first black woman to be crowned Miss Ireland in the competition's 74-year history after arriving as an asylum seeker aged 7 from South AfricaMedical scientist and model Pamela Uba, 2...

Sex worker says she believed her job has helped her be a ‘better mum

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Escort, 38, claims her job in the sex industry has helped her to be a 'better mum' and says it's an 'honour' her children can talk to her about any bedroom-related issuesCharlotte Rose, 38, dall'Essex, said being sex...

Sex worker cleared of Tamara Ecclestone £25m burglary freed from jail

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Romanian prostitute who refused to give her PIN code to police after she was caught wearing £3,250 diamond earrings stolen in £25m raid on Tamara Ecclestone's mansion is freed from jailMaria Mester, 48, seen outside ...

Momentum operaio del negozio Poundland con un braccio solo KARATE KICKS "taccheggiatore"’

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Il momento in cui il lavoratore del negozio Poundland con un braccio solo prende a calci il "taccheggiatore" di KARATE prima di sbatterlo a terra Gli acquirenti hanno guardato con orrore mentre l'attacco ha avuto luogo nel negozio di Sheffield Il filmato scioccante mostra l'impiegato...

McDonald’s worker reveals the truth about drive-thru orders

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McDonald's worker reveals the 'truth' about the drive-thru order process in stores around the world - shocking thousands of customersA McDonald's worker has revealed the secrets behind drive-thru orders She has shown...

Retired police worker arrested for public intoxication

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Retired police worker, 64, is charged with public intoxication after video showed her yelling vile anti-Semitic slurs at driver, 78, while wearing department jacket outside a Florida restaurantLeslie Socolov, 64, ret...

Construction worker pulled from 18-foot deep trench filled with water

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In deep! Moment construction worker is pulled from 18-foot-deep trench after four hours stuck inside with water up to his neckDustin Leake, 35, was working at a construction site with his brother in suburban Indianap...