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World champ Magnus Carlsen resigned game amid rumors of cheating

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There'll BEAD no rematch! US teen Hans Neimann loses in quarterfinals of chess tournament after world champion Magnus Carlsen dramatically resigned their game amid rumors of cheating using vibrating anal sex toyHans N...

World sheep shearing recorded smashed by British woman

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Shear genius! British woman, 34, smashes world's sheep shearing female record by buzzing her way through 370 sheep in eight hours after strict training regime in the gymFarmer Marie Prebble, from Kent, has set a new w...

What the Qatar World Cup will REALLY be like for supporters

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Booze bans, grim rooms for fans at inflated prices and Big Brother spy cameras… with just 61 days to go, what the World Cup will REALLY be like for supporters - SPECIAL REPORT FROM QATAREngland fans are set for a dras...