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BREKENDE NUUS: Brian Laundrie died of single gunshot wound to the head

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Brian Laundrie, 23, died of single gunshot wound to the head, his lawyer says: Prime suspect in girlfriend Gabby Petito's murder killed himself in Florida swamp - but what happened to the gun?Laundrie family lawyer S...

Husband of Omaha mayor found dead ‘from self-inflicted gunshot wound

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Surgeon husband, 72, of Omaha Mayor, 68, is found dead at the family home 'from a self-inflicted gunshot wound'Cops were called to the home of Mayor Jean Stothert, 67, by 1:54 nm. for a shooting Her husband, Dr. Jo...

Sci-fi technology could help soldierswound heal five times faster

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Sci-fi technology could be used on soldiers to 'reprogram' cells and give them Wolverine-like abilities to heal wounds five times faster than the human bodyUS military is working on cell reprogramming to heal wounds ...

‘Britain’s worst zoois wound up by taxman with debts of over £120k

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'Britain’s worst zoo' goes bust: Wildlife park banned from keeping big cats after one lynx escaped and another died is wound up by the taxman with debts of more than £120,000 - but owners vow to reopenTracy and Dean ...