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Earth’s next supercontinent Amasia will form in 300 million years

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Earth is due for its next supercontinent: Continents will shift together around the North Pole when the now shrinking Pacific Ocean disappears - but it won't happen for another 300 million yearsEvidence shows a new su...

Exeter University Student who took his life one of eleven in six years

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Student, 21, who took his life in lockdown was one of eleven in just six years at Exeter University, as his parents claim that staff did not do enough to helpAt least 11 Exeter University students have taken their own...

Dapper Paul McCartney – 50 years on, he still looks fab

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Dapper Paul McCartney the day tipper... e 50 years on, he still looks fab in a double-breasted suit It was a fab style when he wore it way back in 1971 – and Sir Paul McCartney rolled back the years last week as, lo...

Mother captured on Google Maps standing in same spot NINE years apart

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'A one in a billion chance: Mother captured on Google Maps standing in exactly the same spot in Carlisle NINE years apartA mum was caught in the same place on Google Maps almost a decade apart Leanne Cartwright was sn...

AJ Pritchard ‘splits from girlfriend of three years Abbie Quinnen

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AJ Pritchard 'splits from girlfriend of three years Abbie Quinnen' after she praised the dancer for his support as she recovered from third degree burns AJ Pritchard has reportedly split from his girlfriend Abbie Quin...

Remains of 76 children SACRIFICED 450 years ago are discovered in Peru

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Skeletons of 76 children who were SACRIFICED during six different killing events in 450 years are discovered in Peru: Five girls sitting head to head in a circle were found in one graveSkeletons of 76 children killed ...

Rare Mini Cooper S sells for £53k having spent 34 years in a SHED

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A big price for a little car: Low-mileage 1965 Mini Cooper S sells at auction for £53,000 having spent the last 34 years in a GARDEN SHEDThe rare Mk1 Morris Mini Cooper S '1071' sold for £52,875 at a Warwickshire auct... reveals where the cast of Cheers cast are 40 years later

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Everybody knows their name... even 40 years later! Cheers star George Wendt, 73, is seen ahead of the four-decade anniversary of the iconic sitcom as reveals where the rest of the cast are nowDailyMail.c...

Weird armoured worm crawled the Earth over half a billion years ago

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Weird armoured worm with dense plates on its back and bundles of spiky bristles on its sides crawled the Earth more than half a billion years ago, fossils unearthed in China revealFossils reveal an armoured worm lived...

Asteroid that hit Earth 2 billion years ago was up to 15 MILES wide

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Asteroid that crashed into Earth two billion years ago and formed the planet's largest crater in South Africa was up to 15 MILES across - even wider than the one that killed off the dinosaursA space rock formed what t...

Diana and Dodi reunited 25 years later on Netflix’s The Crown

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Diana and Dodi reunited 25 years later... on Netflix's The Crown as lookalike actors Elizabeth Debicki and Khalid Abdalla shoot 1997 French family getaway scenesElizabeth Debicki and Khalid Abdalla bear an uncanny res...

AA passenger faces up to 20 years after attacking a flight attendant

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American Airlines passenger, 33, faces up to 20 years in prison after sucker-punching male flight attendant on plane from Cabo to LAThe incident transpired on Flight 377 from San Jose del Cabo to LAX on Wednesday, and...

Teacher who sexually assaulted three girls jailed for three years

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Secondary school teacher, 30, who sexually assaulted three girl pupils after messaging them on Snapchat and encouraging them to skip lessons is jailed for three yearsMaths teacher Muhammad Taimoor, 30, sexually assaul...

Adnan Syed has homemade leftovers for first time in 23 anni

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A taste of freedom: Moment Adnan Syed eats homemade leftovers for the first time in 23 years after being freed from jail - while producers of cult favorite Serial podcast announce special episode to drop TOMORROWBalti...

Asteroid impacts MOVED the moon’s poles 186 miles over 4.25B years

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Asteroid impacts MOVED the moon's north and south pole about 186 miles over the course of 4.25 billion years, new study revealsAncient asteroid collisions on the moon actually led to the moon's north and south poles m...

Diets are just as unhealthy now as they were 30 years ago

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People's eating habits are just as unhealthy today as they were 30 years ago - with Americans being among the worst eaters in the world, study findsThe average diet quality across the world has not changed much over t...