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Starmer repeats general election demands to oust ‘zombie’ regering

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Gloating Keir Starmer repeats demands for a general election to oust 'zombie' Tory government after cabinet coup against Boris: Labour leader taunts: 'Bring it on'Keir Starmer has repeated calls for a general electio...

Seuntjie, 17, posed with a Zombie knife days before he killed father-of-one

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en ander voorrade na en van die skool - en van klas tot klas - studente by Hoërskool Rigby het kreatiewe maniere gevind om die verbod te omseil, 17, was Tasered by police after stabbing father-of-one, 26, for his Gucci bag as chilling photo shows him posing with a Zombie knife days before the murderJoseph Jeremy, nou 18, was found guilty of the mu...

Moses Moseley, 31, who played zombie on The Walking Dead, dood gevind

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Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley, 31, is found dead with gunshot wound in Georgia after family filed missing persons report last week: Police are investigating death as possible suicideMoseley was found in in the ...

‘Zombie brand’ brand in Siberië ondanks temperature van MINUS 60C

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'Zombie-vure' brand naby die wêreld se koudste dorp ondanks temperature van MINUS 60C: Brande word geblameer op ondergrondse gasse wat vrygestel word deur klimaatsverandering Oymyakon, 'n dorpie in Siberië, Rusland, is die koudste mens se...

‘Zombiefungus turns insects into necrophiles using potent compounds

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Creepy zombieswam verander insekte in NECROFHILES: Parasite eats female flies from the inside out before concocting a powerful aphrodisiac, encouraging males to have sex with the corpseParasitic fungus called Entom...

Officers remove zombie knives after boy, 17, was repeatedly stabbed

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Machete gang mayhem in Birmingham: Forensic officers remove two foot-long zombie knives from blood-soaked scene of carnage where boy, 17, was set upon by mob and repeatedly stabbed overnightA 17-year-old boy has suff...

Why YOU spent £4m on illegal guns and zombie knives

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Why YOU spent £4m on illegal guns and zombie knives: Row as Home Office dishes out cash to owners of vicious weapons on banned listNearly 50,000 lethal items were bought by the Home Office it has been revealed All it...

DIGBY JONES: ‘Work from home foreverto drag Zombie Britain to 1970s

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Zombie Britain: These plans for 'work from home for ever' will drag UK back to the 1970s, warns former CBI boss DIGBY JONES Covid has already done incalculable damage to British business and society, so I despair at ...