The 10 new dating terms you need to know about in 2022

What kind of dater are YOU? Experts reveal the singles personalities you’ll meet in 2022 – from ‘time travellers’ keen for fast-tracked romance and ‘anti adults’ after a wild time post- lockdown

  • Ipek Kucuk, who works with international dating app happn shared her thoughts for 2022 dating trends including how people will be ‘moving faster’ post-Covid 
  • Celebrity relationship expert James Preece agreed ‘fast dating’ will be a trend
  • Here, they tell FEMAIL the trends we’ll see in 2022 including more travel and embracing childishness
  • Most of us are familiar with dating terms ‘ghosting’ and ‘catfishing’.

    But, with a new year comes new trends and there’s no exception in the world of love. 

    Making predictions for what’s to come this year is dating expert, Ipek Kucuk, who works with international dating app happn and celebrity relationship expert James Preece who told FEMAIL what they can expect in 2022. 

    ‘Singles have had a tough time of late,’ Ipek explained.

    ‘Love lives have been put on pause for much longer than expected, and with that has come more than enough time to assess our successes and failures, and hopefully learn a few lessons along the way too,’.

    Here, they tell FEMAIL the trends we’ll see in 2022, from ‘Time Travel’ to ‘WanderLove’. 

    One of the trends for 2022 includes 'time travel' the act of fast-forwarded romances. The act of speeding up dating or relationship milestones due to societal pressures, particularly after singles 'lost time' during the pandemic. Stock image is pictured

    One of the trends for 2022 includes ‘time travel’ the act of fast-forwarded romances. The act of speeding up dating or relationship milestones due to societal pressures, particularly after singles ‘lost time’ during the pandemic. Stock image is pictured


    WHAT IS IT : Fast-forwarded romances. The act of speeding up dating or relationship milestones due to societal pressures, particularly after singles ‘lost time’ during the pandemic.

    Ipek Kucuk says: ‘Now, we don’t mean time-travelling literally, obviously! Many singles, especially those who are feeling the time pressures that society loads on, will be anxious about whether their time has passed when it comes to finding “the one”. 

    ‘After years of restrictions on social gatherings and, more specifically, dating, some singles may be feeling more pressure than ever to reach their relationship life goals.

    ‘We will see a lot of quick couples, people who jump into new relationships and make some big commitments in those early days as they try to make up for ‘lost’ time over the past two pandemic-ridden years. 

    ‘This will also see a less traditional order of things becoming more common. For instance, many singles aren’t too fussed about being married and buying a house before starting a family as they perhaps once were.’

    Making strong predictions for what's to come this year is dating expert, Ipek Kucuk (pictured)

    Making strong predictions for what’s to come this year is dating expert, Ipek Kucuk (pictured)


    WHAT IS IT : A name for singles who are embracing their wild side when it comes to dating. Individuals who are all for letting their hair down and being the life and soul of all social situations, especially when it comes to dating.

    Ipek Kucuk says: ‘There is certainly no shame in grabbing onto the fun things, or people, in life… and we’re going to see a lot of loose cannons around us this year. 

    ‘Now, being an Anti-Adult doesn’t mean living without responsibilities. We believe we’ll see singles embracing freedom (when it comes) and fun, causing no harm in the process. 

    ‘These singles are simply ready to have fun again after what can only be described as a tough few years where they have learnt that life is simply too short.’


    WHAT IS IT : The act of travelling with someone new romantically and experiencing the addictive chemical reaction that comes with meeting an exciting new connection. 


    WHAT IS IT A play-on-words. To reincarnate yourself, in a dating context.

    Singles who are hitting the dating scene and starting 2022 as a new person, both internally and externally after much reflection on what they want in life and love.

    Ipek Kucuk says: ‘The New Year brings a chance for singles to take a step back, reset and be honest with what they’re looking for.

    ‘We will see a new flow of daters taking the time to ‘reincar-date’ themselves!

    ‘Whether these singles are fresh to the dating scene after leaving a relationship or just ready to get back out there with a new outlook, they are the ones manifesting only the best for themselves in 2022.

    ‘They will have taken a moment to understand themselves again, and with a positive mental attitude (PMA) on their side, these daters won’t be single for long.’


    To WanderLove is to be open to meeting someone new and embracing that romantic journey, wherever it may take you.

    Ipek Kucuk says: ‘We predict that singles will use 2022 as a chance to explore – not only new countries but new people too. 

    ‘So, if international travel is still somewhat in doubt, there are still ways for singles to scratch their travel itch, even if they’re not getting on a plane to do so!

    ‘By embracing new experiences and getting outside their comfort zone, singles are more likely to find someone on their wavelength on a similar journey. 

    ‘Take that chance and attend the art class you’ve always wanted to try or learn a new language – you never know who you may bump into while taking this leap into the unknown. 

    ‘Whether these meets turn into long-term romances or a year-long summer love, these places and these people are good for the soul. 

    ‘WanderLove is the act of travelling and experiencing new things romantically, whether that is an act of self-love or with another person, and the only way you can achieve this is to take a chance. It’s time to be brave in 2022 and get your ‘WanderLove’ on!’


    WHAT IS IT: Singles who are living in the moment. These people are not fussed about the pressure to do things the ‘right way’ and are all about embracing what the universe sends to them.

    Ipek Kucuk says: ‘While it’s important to have targets and set goals, it’s just as important to focus on how we’re feeling in the moment… and I know this is easier said than done! 

    ‘This year, we’ll see an influx of free-spirited daters who are living NOW. 

    ‘These people embrace the word YES and let the universe decide when it comes to their love life. There is no ‘guide to life’ that we all have to follow. 

    ‘There are no boxes that we must tick by certain age milestones. The Here&Now-ers will take that imaginary rule book and burn it!’

    James Preece, one of Britain’s top love coaches, reveals the trends he expects to see in 2022

    Celebrity relationship expert James Preece shared his thoughts on the trends we can expect to see if 2022.

    Quality over Quantity

    The pandemic has really made people think a lot more about what they are looking for in a relationship.

    Many singles are no longer prepared to just date for the sake of it so no longer need to the quick hit of dating apps. 

    They are looking for long term options and finding someone with similar values, emotional compatibility and life goals is essential. 

    They aren’t so concerned about superficial things like height and looks.

     Instead, they are willing to work harder to give people a chance and allows time to work out what they really want.

    Fast Dating

    This where one or both of you talks about your joint future plans very early on. 

    For example, they might invite you to a wedding in six months time or want you to meet their family right away. 

    They can be an early form of ‘love bombing’ and can be a warning sign. 

    On the other hand, it can simply be a sign that they are keen to get to know you better. 

    This is something that’s going to happen a lot more this year as everyone has things they’d like to do that have been on hold too long. 


    Rather than pinning all their dating hopes on one person, singles are now more open to keeping several options on the go. 

    That way, if the person they like isn’t being as responsive they have other distractions.

    It’s a more efficient way to date as you can take things slowly and it keeps the pressure off. 

    If you were to apply for a job, you’d go for several different interviews until you get the role. 

    You wouldn’t just go for one and wait. 

    Being proactive is the key to finding the most suitable partner as it puts YOU in charge.


    This is something that’s been happening a lot recently and I expect it to increase massively in 2022. I

    It’s where singles do and say silly things that could potentially ruin a great relationship. 

    They do it because deep down they are scared of what might happen if they get into one, or perhaps they don’t feel they are worthy. 

    Typical signs can be cheating, arguing on purpose or constantly looking for red flags that aren’t really there.









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