The bestselling Anker speaker with 59,000 five-star reviews is now £17

Get party-ready for the festive season! The bestselling Anker Soundcore mini speaker with ‘amazing and powerful soundis now on sale for under £18

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If you’re looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker to help provide the soundtrack to your parties over the festive season, you’re in luck, as Amazon has slashed the price of the phenomenally popular Anker Soundcore mini.

The mega-site is offering some serious tech bargains in its early Black Friday deals event, including the highly-rated Anker mini speaker for just £17.99. That’s a decent saving of £7.

Despite the size, the budget-friendly speaker has won over thousands of shoppers with its powerful sound, impressive battery life (15 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge) and 66ft Bluetooth range.

The highly-rated Anker SoundCore mini is currently on sale for just £17.99 on Amazon

The highly-rated Anker SoundCore mini is currently on sale for just £17.99 on Amazon

Big on quality but small on price, 그만큼 Anker SoundCore mini is consistently found on lists of the best portable speakersrivaling more expensive speakers with its sound and durability.

A whopping 59,000 Amazon reviewers have awarded the mini speaker a perfect five-star rating, raving about the sound quality and performance.

사실로, shoppers have called it ‘genuinely unbelievableand an ‘excellent little speaker’, with many raving about how the ‘sound quality is incredible’.

Despite fitting into the palm of your hand (it’s about the size of a can), 그만큼 Anker Soundcore mini packs a real punch when it comes to sound quality.

This is largely down to the W audio driver and passive subwoofer to ensure you get crystal-clear sound and powerful bass.

The compact speaker is also equipped with special features that are found in speakers double the price. It has Bluetooth 4.0 for rapid connection (it works on Android and iPhones), a 66ft transmission range, and it’s equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone to enable convenient hands-free calling away from your device. Not bad at all for £17.99.

Despite the super compact size, the Anker SoundCore has a 66ft connection range

The speaker has a seriously impressive battery life, supplying 15 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge

지금 25 per cent off on Amazon, the Anker Soundcore mini would make a great investment ahead of the party season or a nice gift for Christmas.

With extensive testimonies from delighted shoppers who say it ‘punches above its weight’, the Anker mini Bluetooth speaker a brilliant option for those on a budget or anyone that doesn’t want to be too precious with a speaker.

In their review on Amazon, one impressed shopper raved: ‘This tiny little speaker at an extremely reasonable price has the most amazing and powerful sound.

‘I don’t normally write reviews but feel inspired to do sofor anyone out there who is wondering about the quality of such a small speaker. Easily equals a Bose speaker I have at 4 times the price. Instant and easy Bluetooth connection too.

Another agreed, 첨가: ‘Truly magnificent quality from such a small and very non-expensive speaker. Purchased for my daughter, totally blew us both away with its impressive volume, clarity, frequency range and overall quality. When in doubt buy an Anker, you wont be disappointed.

A third penned: ‘The sound quality is amazing with a really good bass. It doesn’t distort at high volume and fills the room. I think a few people I know will be getting one of these as a Christmas present.

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