The celebration supper... made easy: Roaring 22

The celebration suppermade easy: Roaring 22

Toast your evening with a cocktail. Prosecco, champagne, white or pink fizz are all goers.

8 rose ice cubes, vedi sotto

150ml Aperol

120ml Grand Marnier

150ml dry vermouth

750ml bottle chilled prosecco, champagne or other fizz

  • Make the rose ice cubes the night before. Pop an unsprayed pink, red or orange rose petal into each ice cube hole then fill with water and freeze.
  • Blend the Aperol, Grand Marnier and vermouth in a jug then chill for several hours.
  • To serve, place a single ice cube in each of eight cocktail glasses, pour over the Aperol mix then fill up with fizz.

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