UK Omicron wave shrinks as daily cases, deaths and admissions drop

UK’s Omicron wave shrinks again as daily cases fall by 7% in a week and deaths and hospital admissions also drop

  • There were another 89,176 positive tests across country in past 24 時間, Government dashboard data shows
  • さらに 277 Covid deaths within 28 days of positive test registered — down by around 4 per cent in a week
  • Latest hospital data shows 1,732 Brits admitted with Covid on January 24, marking 13th day they’ve dropped
  • Daily Covid cases, deaths and hospital admissions were down across the UK today as the country’s オミクロン wave receded.

    Government dashboard data shows there were another 89,176 positive tests across the country in the past 24 時間, マーキング 7 per cent decrease on last Friday.

    Daily infections hit a plateau last weekwhich was attributed to rising cases in primary schools and people returning to workafter coming down rapidly from a peak of over 200,000 earlier in the month.

    But they have started to fall again this week, albeit gradually, despite compulsory face masks and vaccine passports being scrapped in England.

    Health officials said there were 277 more coronavirus deaths registered in the UK today — down by around 4 per cent in a week.

    その間, latest hospital data shows 1,732 Britons were admitted with Covid on January 24, どれが 12 per cent lower than the previous week and the 13th day in a row admissions have fallen week-on-week.

    The figures come as separate data showed a subvariant of the Omicron variant that is feared to be more infectious than its ancestor strain is behind one in 30 new domestic cases.

    A report by the UK Health Security Agency (現在、英国のほぼすべての地域で事件が発生しています。) found BA.2 makes up 3.4 per cent of all new Covid infections in England.

    But booster vaccines have been shown just as effective on the subvariant as they are on Omicronoffering about 70 per cent protection against symptomatic disease and even better immunity against severe outcomes.

    It came as the Government announced it will begin dishing out Pfizer’s at-home antiviral pill that can cut the risk of being hospitalised or dying from Covid by nearly 90 per cent from next week.

    Covid cases continued to rise in children with nearly one in eight of those aged two to pupils in year six having the virus as of the week ending January 22. Children in year seven to 11 also saw increases, while all other age groups saw continued declines

    Covid cases continued to rise in children with nearly one in eight of those aged two to pupils in year six having the virus as of the week ending January 22. Children in year seven to 11 also saw increases, while all other age groups saw continued declines

    Around 1.3million vulnerable Britons – including immunocompromised people, HIV and cancer patients and transplant recipients – will be eligible to get the pill if they test positive.

    The most vulnerable have already been invited for a fourth Covid jab, but the vaccine is less effective at stopping them from becoming severely unwell.

    Ministers have bought 2.75million courses of the ‘ground-breakingpill, which works best when taken within five days of symptoms starting.

    Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: ‘Our pharmaceutical defences are crucial as we learn to live with Covid and the UK is leading the way, especially when it comes to the use of cutting-edge antivirals.

    Dishing out the drug is an ‘important milestoneand may mean ‘thousands of lives could be saved’, 彼が追加した.

    より多い 10,000 courses of molnupiravir, the first Covid antiviral secured in the UK, and monoclonal antibody treatment sotrovimab, have already been administered.

    The use of pharmaceuticals is a key part of the Government’s plans on learning to live with the virus, along with the vaccine rollout which has seen eight in 10 over-12s in the UK double-jabbed.

    Pfizer’s drug is designed to block an enzyme the coronavirus needs in order to multiply.

    This keeps virus levels low in the body and reduces the severity of disease.

    While the commercial agreement between Pfizer and the UK is confidential, health chiefs in America are reported to have paid the equivalent of £390 for each of the 10million courses it ordered.

    If applied to the UK, it would mean No10 has spent in the region of £1billion to buy supplies.

    The drugmaker’s clinical trial of 2,200 adults showed Paxlovid cut the risk of those most at-risk from the virus being hospitalised or dying by 89 パーセント.

    結果, published in early November, showed just 0.7 per cent of patients who received Paxlovid were hospitalised, 一方 6.5 per cent of those who received a placebo pill were admitted to hospital or died.

    No deaths were recorded among those who took Paxlovid.

    The UK’s medicines watchdog subsequently approved the drug on New Year’s Eve.

    It found Paxlovid was safe and effective at reducing the risks of being admitted to hospital and death among vulnerable patients with mild to moderate infection.

    At-risk patients who test positive will be able to access Paxlovid through a phone call appointment with a member of the NHS Covid medicines team, if doctors believe it is the most appropriate treatment.

    Those prescribed the drug will either have someone collect it for them or have it delivered to their home.

    Further details on securing the drug will be revealed by the Department of Health in the coming days.

    その間, Britain’s Covid hotspots were today laid bare by an interactive map which shows how almost one in 12 people are infected in the worst-hit areas.

    Rates were highest in Bradford, ウォルヴァーハンプトン, そして ロンドン Borough of Waltham Forest where Office of National Statistics (我ら) analysts estimated 7.9 そして 8 per cent of people are carrying the virus.

    The Government agency’s surveillance report – based on random testing of tens of thousands of people – showed the UK’s outbreak has shrunk, with prevalence falling by roughly a tenth in a week.

    But roughly one in 20 people were still infected in England as a whole in the week ending January 22, with slightly lower rates in Scotland and Wales. Positivity rates were similar in 住宅価格は.

    Despite the overall downward trajectory, infections continued to rise among children and have now hit pandemic highs. This uptick is thought to be behind the plateau in the daily official figures, with cases currently floating at around the 90,000 per day mark.

    The ONS estimates, regarded as the most reliable indicator of the UK’s outbreak because it uses random sampling rather than relying on people coming forward to be tested, show nearly one in eight children aged between 2 そして 11 were infected.

    Experts have warned that the back-to-school effect will eventually spill over into adults’, and could cause infection rates to jump again. There also fears of the spread of an even more transmissible strain of Omicron could affect the outbreak.

    But leading scientists are adamant the worst is over, with vaccines, the build-up of natural immunity and the milder nature of Omicron having changed the course of the pandemic completely

    It is for this reason No10 has had enough confidence to ditch Plan B restrictions in England.

    Work from home guidance was revoked last week, while Covid passes and requirements to wear face masks in public spaces came to an end yesterday. Boris Johnson has also said he wants the self-isolation rules to be ditched by the end of March as part of the UK’s plan to ‘live with the viruslike flu.