Wagamama customer discovers food kept in the disabled TOILET

‘Disgusted’ Wagamama customer blasts restaurant after discovering crates of uncooked meat, fruit and vegetables being kept in the disabled TOILET

  • Wagamama in Winchester is at the centre of an investigation after the discovery 
  • Harriet Betts shared footage of her find on Facebook publicly to her followers
  • She said Winchester Environmental Health was also probing the video
  • Wagamama said a supplier had mistakenly left the products in a disabled toilet
  • A Wagamama restaurant is under Environmental Health investigation after a ‘disgusted’ customer discovered ingredients and food stored in a toilet.

    Extraordinary footage of her find was posted on social media and widely shared, showing crates of meat, fruit and vegetables in the loos in the Winchester branch.

    Last night Wagamama’s said it had launched an investigation over the video, shot on Friday.

    And the short film is understood to have attracted the attention of Winchester City Council and Environmental Health which is probing what had happened. 

    Harriet Betts was enjoying a meal out at the Japanese restaurant chain when she went to use the facilities.

    She was shocked when, as a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis, she entered the disabled toilet to find huge stacks of food had been left in there.

    The food was found in the disabled toilets of the Winchester branch of Wagamama on Friday

    The food was found in the disabled toilets of the Winchester branch of Wagamama on Friday

    Food was lining the corridor to the toilets

    Inside there was more fresh food and meat

    The footage captured the journey to the toilet and the food left all along the way in the branch

    Ms Betts captured her shocking revelation by filming it on her phone, as she squeezed past boxes of food to get inside the loo at the restaurant in Winchester, Hants.

    She raised food hygiene concerns as well as the crates blocking the path to the disabled toilet for wheelchair users.

    In a post on Facebook, the Whiteley, Hants, resident said: ‘This is bloody disgusting.

    ‘There is the issue with cutting out the disabled toilet access.

    ‘I think Environmental Health might disagree [that there was no issue].

    ‘The team never spoke to me at all until I went back in and asked the manager on his opinion.

    ‘I am myself disabled – I have Multiple Sclerosis and had need to have access to a disabled toilet.

    The Winchester branch of Wagamama says it was an isolated incident and launched a probe

    The Winchester branch of Wagamama says it was an isolated incident and launched a probe

    ‘I also have a lot of friends that are also in similar situations with disabilities. If you don’t know how it feels to be an adult and not make it to the toilet please have a think about how humiliating that is.

    ‘I didn’t speak [or] shout at any member of staff… I went back and had a quiet word with the manager.

    ‘I asked him very nicely what his thoughts are.

    ‘Obviously had his response been different I would not have made this public.

    ‘Winchester Environmental Health have been in touch with me.’

    A Wagamama’s spokesman said: ‘An investigation has been launched after a supplier delivered food products during a busy lunchtime service and incorrectly left them in an accessible toilet.

    ‘This was soon discovered and all the food was immediately disposed of. There is no suggestion that this is anything other than a regrettable isolated incident of human error but nevertheless will be thoroughly reviewed to discover how this happened.

    ‘Winchester Wagamama has a five star food rating and prides itself on exceptionally high standards, food storage and preparation and would like to apologise for this incident.’