Chi troverà l'amore al nostro appuntamento al buio? This week it's Tarryn and Jonathan

Chi troverà l'amore al nostro appuntamento al buio? This week it’s Tarryn, 35 and Jonathan, 35 ma il romanticismo sarà sulle carte?

  • Ogni settimana, FEMAIL asks two singletons to report back from their blind date
  • Tarryn, 35 and Jonathan, 35, shared the outcome of their date in the UK
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  • Tarryn, 35, (nella foto) is a programme management consultant, who has been single for 14 anni

    Tarryn, 35, (nella foto) is a programme management consultant, who has been single for 14 anni

    TARRYN, 35

    Incontri passati?

    My first, Medaglia d'oro per brutalità, serious relationship was in my early 20s. It ended rather badly and I was a bit scarred by the experience. Di conseguenza, I avoided dating and relationships for a while.


    Singolo per 14 anni, niente bambini.


    Programme management consultant.


    An honest guy who is outgoing and looking for a serious relationship. Being single for so long means I’m not looking for someone who wants us to be glued at the hip.

    Annuncio pubblicitario

    I left Sud Africa 14 years ago to live in Londra e, while I have been on a few dates, I have focused on my career and buying my own home. Dating apps aren’t for me — most people either vastly misrepresent themselves or are only looking for a good time. I’m now at the stage of wanting to find someone to spend my life with.

    Nervi pre-appuntamento?

    A little, especially as I’ve never been on a blind date. I’m generally comfortable in my own skin, but I tend to rattle on and don’t have an off switch when I’m nervous.

    Prime impressioni?

    Jonathan was impeccably dressed in a dark suit. As he was seated with his back towards me when I arrived, he didn’t get a chance to get up and greet me, so we just said hello instead.

    Facile parlare con?

    We both settled on steak for the meal. Jonathan enjoys wine and is knowledgeable about it but, as I’m South African, he insisted I select the bottle. So we had a delicious chenin blanc white from the Stellenbosch region.

    It wasn’t just the usual banal chat — it was stimulating

    Jonathan is originally from Nigeria where he was a doctor. We bonded over the fact we both grew up in Africa and then relocated to the UK. We also discovered we’d each lost a parent and agreed it has shaped our outlook on life. It wasn’t the usual first date banal chat. It was a stimulating, intellectual conversation.


    È PIACIUTO? A great experience.

    RIMPATTI? I hate being photographed!

    COFFEE OR CAB? Coffee as friends.

    Annuncio pubblicitario

    Momenti imbarazzanti?

    Not that I can think of.

    Sono volate scintille?

    Jonathan asked if we could exchange numbers. But while I liked him, I didn’t feel any chemistry. So when he called the following day, I told him I’d be happy to stay in touch, but on a platonic basis. He took it quite well — it was a very mature exchange.

    See him again?

    I’m open to it, but can’t right now as I’m juggling moving house.

    Cosa pensi che abbia pensato di te?

    He told me that I’m a nice and honest person. He’s given me the confidence to start dating again.

    Ai tuoi amici piacerebbe?

    sì. Jonathan would fit into any social circle, as he’s intelligent and a nice guy.

    Jonathan, 35, (nella foto) is a doctor and university lecturer, who has been single for two years

    Jonathan, 35, (nella foto) is a doctor and university lecturer, who has been single for two years

    JONATHAN, 35

    Incontri passati?

    I’ve had a couple of two-year relationships, but nothing that led to marriage. I’m open-minded and happy to adjust my priorities and interests for the right person.

    While I have been dating, I’ve never met anyone with whom I have chemistry.


    Single da due anni, niente bambini.


    Doctor and university lecturer.


    A smart, slim woman who has a good sense of humour. I tend to avoid difficult individuals who see life as a battle.

    Annuncio pubblicitario

    Dating apps are a disaster zone and not an efficient use of my time — I worry about catfishing [when fraudsters steal another person’s picture to use in a fake online account] and I can’t tell from an image if I will like someone.

    Nervi pre-appuntamento?

    Generally I don’t get nervous. As an academic, I’ve analysed the statistics of blind date success, and I know most people who do them don’t see one another again. So I went into it with open eyes.

    Per me, the trick to feeling comfortable on a date is to ensure it doesn’t feel like a job interview.

    Prime impressioni?

    I got there early and Tarryn arrived on time. She looked professional in a blue long-sleeved dress, heels and a necklace. She’s good-looking.

    Facile parlare con?

    When Tarryn told me she thinks she’s still single because she likes to control things, I think she meant she’s a perfectionist. I have been in relationships when women like to adopt this sort of strategy and things tend to go sour.

    I was worried when she said she liked to control things


    È PIACIUTO? She’s smart and a good conversationalist.

    RIMPATTI? Nessuna.

    COFFEE OR CAB? Caffè.

    Annuncio pubblicitario

    But we discovered we have a lot in common. Tarryn enjoys reading, particularly science fiction author Isaac Asimov, and we also both enjoyed Jeffrey Archer’s Kane And Abel. And we both grew up in African countries.

    Momenti imbarazzanti?

    Everything went fine.

    Sono volate scintille?

    Intellectually we’re a good match. Tarryn said she’d like to stay friends. I was fine with that.

    See her again?

    I’m happy to see her on a non-romantic level. I’m grateful she was clear there isn’t any romance as that took off the pressure.

    Cosa pensi che pensasse di te?

    Tarryn probably thinks I’m deep. I tend to be analytical. Hopefully she’ll think I’m open-minded for an academic person.

    Piacerebbe ai tuoi amici?

    Yes I think they would. Tarryn is great company.

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