Yorkshire-made goats' milk butter could contain shards of metal

St Helen’s Farm Goats Butter is recalled over fears it could contain shards of METAL as Sainsbury’s, 怀特罗斯, Ocado and Tesco pull £2.40 packs from shelves

  • Packs of goatsmilk butter from St Helen’s Farm in York contained metal shards
  • All packs with a best before date up to and including 13 游行 2022 are affected
  • St Helen’s Farm said the contamination was caused by a machine failure
  • The butter is sold by four supermarkets: 乐购, 塞恩斯伯里, Waitrose and Ocado
  • A national safety warning has been issued after shards of jagged metal were found in packs of butter sold at 乐购 and other large supermarkets.

    The 250g packs of butter, made from goat cream by St Helen’s Farm in York, are sold at Sainsbury’s, 怀特罗斯, Ocado and Tesco for £2.40.

    The Government’s Food Standards Agency watchdog said: ‘St Helen’s Farm has recalled St Helen’s Farm Goats Butter because it may contain small pieces of metal.

    ‘The possible presence of metal makes this product unsafe to eat.

    All products with a best before date up to and including 13 游行 2022 are affected by the recall notice.

    A batch of St Helen's Farm Goats Butter has been recalled after shards of metal were found in the product

    Waitrose is one of four major supermarket chains stocking the brand of butter

    St Helen’s Farm Goats Butter with a best before date up to and including 13 游行 2022 could contain shards of metal, prompting a recall notice from the Food Standards Agency

    The recall notice was issued on 20 十二月 2021.

    St Helen’s Farm told MailOnline the problem was caused by a ‘machine failurethat has now been fixed.

    They said not every pack within the recall date range would have been affected, but that they had notified the Food Standards Agency out of an abundance of caution.

    ‘The risk of contamination is very low’, said a spokesperson for St Helen’s Farm. ‘But you will see visible pieces of metal if they are present.

    Production of St Helen’s has resumed and is being sold in supermarkets as normal.

    Sainsbury's sells St Helen's Farm Goats Butter for £2.40

    Tesco and three other supermarket chains are displaying 'point of sale notices', warning customers about the potentially metal-laced butter

    Major supermarket chains, including Sainsbury’s and Tesco, are displaying ‘point of sale notices’, letting customers know about their right to a refund and warning them of the potential danger of the 250g goatsmilk butter sold at their stores earlier this month

    Major supermarket chains selling the product are displaying ‘point of sale notices’, notifying customers about why the packs of butter have been recalled and telling them what to do if they bought the product.

    The Food Standards Agency notice reads: ‘Our advice to consumersif you have bought the above product do not eat it.

    ‘Instead return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund. For more information contact St Helen’s Farm on 01430 861715 or info@sthelensfarm.co.uk or visit https://sthelensfarm.co.uk.

    在十二月 2021, the Food Standards Agency released eight recall notices, including for Marks & Spencer ‘gluten-freeWhite Sourdough Cobwhich despite its labelling contained glutenand for Walkers Mince Pie Flavour Crisps that contained undeclared milk.